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Monday, August 25

Mick comes up with a cunning plan to try and lift Lindaís spirits, but will his efforts pay off?

Bianca goes to great lengths to hide her secret but not everyone is so keen to keep it under wraps.

A markedly different Patrick makes a return to the Square, but how will the Walford residents react?

Tuesday, August 26

Ian desperately tries to stop his past from catching up with him, but is he too late?

Peter has a surprising announcement for Lauren.

Thursday, August 28

With Ianís life falling apart around him, he finds himself in an unexpected situation.

Mick has some apologising to do, but will he be forgiven?

Friday, August 29

Haunted by recent events, Linda makes a big decision while Denise makes a shocking discovery.

Rainie makes a promise to Cora, but will she keep it?

Peterís behaviour stuns both Lola and Lauren.

Monday, August 18

A desperate Ian hatches a plan to keep the truth hidden.

Max arranges a family celebration but things soon turn sour. Lauren comes clean to Whitney about her blossoming relationship.

Tuesday, August 19

Charlie thinks he has the upper hand but will Max discover the truth?

After seeking advice from other Walford residents, Denise faces a heart-breaking decision.

When it looks like her relationship is developing with Lee, Whitney throws a spanner in the works.

Thursday, August 21

Some shocking home truths are revealed about Charlie.

Emma Summerhayes makes an arrest, but will she regret her actions?

Lauren isnít impressed when she sees Deanís true colours.

Friday, August 22

Dot is delivered some devastating news.

Wracked with guilt, Ian has a change of heart, but will he regret it?

With Lauren slipping away from him, will Peter reveal his true feelings?

Monday, August 11

After recent events Linda struggles to keep her head held high.

Stacey has a huge decision to make. What will she do?

Ian is shaken to the core when he receives an unexpected ultimatum.

Tuesday, August 12

Ian must face his fears at the press appeal about Lucyís murder.

Stan does some detective work but will he discover the shocking truth?

After realising that all is not as it seems, Phil demands the truth.

Thursday, August 14

The residents of Walford are surprised by a new line of inquiry in the investigation into Lucyís murder.

Dean tries his luck, but will he get what he wants?

A loyal Phil decides to take matters into his own hands.

Friday, August 15

The future of Abi and Jayís relationship is in question as they both keep secrets from each other.

Under pressure, a tense Linda struggles to keep things together.

A stressed Ian receives a lifeline, but his joy is short-lived.

Monday, August 04

Alfie comes up with a scheme but his day doesnít go as planned and he receives some surprise visitors.

The police have a request for Ian, but will he agree to go ahead with it?

Walford marks the World War 1 Centenary.

Tuesday, August 05

Mick prepares to face his demons but will he be able to go through with it?

Feeling the pressure, Ianís actions land another Walford resident in trouble.

Seeking the truth, Kat is delivered a bombshell.

Thursday, August 07

In a tricky situation, Mick finds himself torn about what actions to take. What will he decide?

Stacey receives a visit from her family but she is shocked when she hears what her mother has to say.

Linda receives a surprising phone-call that shakes her to the core.

Kat is shocked when she makes an upsetting discovery.

Stacey is given a way out, but will she take it?

Mick is forced to come clean to Linda, but will she stand by him?

Dean receives some relationship advice from an oblivious Stan.

Friday, August 08

Cora comes face to face with a blast from the past, but how will she react?

Linda is distraught when a former ally makes a damning revelation.

Their financial concerns are cast aside as Kat and Alfieís lives are changed forever.