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Monday, May 05

David makes a shocking discovery. How will he react?

After making an upsetting realisation, Cora goes to extreme measures.

Bianca and Sonia are united as they are forced to face their fears.

Tuesday, May 06

Determined to uncover the truth, Lauren takes matters into her own hands.

Shirley and Tosh declare war with one another, but who will come out victorious?

Dexter makes a move on Nancy but does she want the same things?

Thursday, May 08

Lauren puts herself in a dangerous situation, despite Peter’s protestations.

Friday, May 09

Fatboy stumbles across some suspicious activity, but is he jumping to conclusions?

An unsettled David is put in a tricky situation, as Liam watches on.

After failing to comfort Peter, Lola takes surprising action.

Monday, April 28

After recent events, Jane is torn about how to behave and makes a drastic decision.

Peter is left devastated by some harsh comments. Lola tries her best to console him, but is she who he wants?

It’s judgement day for Kat as she finds out whether or not she’ll go to prison.

Tuesday, April 29

Denise makes an important life-choice and is thankful for a helping hand.

Tina offers Sonia her support but Sonia’s reaction surprises her.

Shabnam is overcome with guilt over the information she is hiding.

Thursday, May 01

Ian and Peter are shocked when they learn about a new development concerning Lucy’s death.

After a startling accusation, David’s suspicions grow as he decides to do some investigating himself.

Bianca’s constant grilling of Sonia causes her to make a surprising confession.

Friday, May 02

Sonia and Bianca try to put their differences behind them for Carol’s sake, but how long will it last?

David delivers a shocking ultimatum to one of Walford’s residents.

After Tina gets advice from an unlikely individual, she is stopped in her tracks by some news from Tosh.

Monday, April 21

Ian desperately tries to make amends for his actions, unaware that his world is about to change forever.

Denise confides in Shabnam about her plans for the future.

After learning of recent events, Aunt Babe has some strong words for Stan.

Tuesday, April 22

A distraught Ian has to share some life-changing news with his family.

An unlikely local steps in to help when Lady Di goes into labour.

Thursday, April 24

Furious with Cindy, Ian makes a drastic decision.

When he finds it difficult to talk to his Dad, Peter leans on an old friend.

Denise is shocked when she learns the truth.

Friday, April 25

When the police arrive it becomes clear that more than one Walford resident is hiding something.

Ian realises he has made a mistake, but is it too late?

Terry is left delighted by an unforeseen development.

Monday, April 14

Tensions continue to rise at The Vic and Stan is infuriated by his family’s actions.

Ian manages to upset his entire family. Will his and Denise’s relationship survive?

It’s handbags at dawn as the fate of the market is revealed.

Tuesday, April 15

Max panics after receiving an unexpected email.

Stan finds himself in trouble with the law.

Lucy makes a decision about her love life, but is it the right one?

Thursday, April 17

Fed up of Lucy being Ian’s golden girl, Cindy decides its time he learnt the truth.

Lucy gets what she wants but is she truly happy?

Mick comes up with a cunning plan while doing his best to support his family.

Friday, April 18

After being caught out, Lucy’s world comes crashing down around her.

Whitney’s heartbroken after Lauren fills her in on recent events.

Denise can’t hide her true feelings and makes a big decision.


Monday, April 07

Haunted by her past, Bianca causes great upset when she jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Linda is delighted by the latest turn of events but Mick has some questions.

Worried she’s losing control of Roxy, Ronnie takes matters into her own hands.

Tuesday, April 08

It’s an extremely difficult day for Bianca and Sonia, but what will the outcome be?

Terry is left speechless by Bianca’s decision.

Max is thrilled by an unexpected visitor, but Jay is less than happy about the impact it has.

Thursday, April 10

After a huge bust up, Lola finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Roxy tries to turn the tables on her sister but is unaware that Ronnie is still pulling the strings.

A suspicious Mick remains unconvinced while Carol is overwhelmed with guilt.

Friday, April 11

A horrified Ronnie is traumatised by her actions as terrible memories come flooding back.

Mick is overcome with emotion after he finally gets the answers he’s been looking for.