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Monday, October 05

Elaine’s new man makes himself at home in The Vic, but how will Linda react?

Ian and Bobby return to the Square but their arrival doesn’t quite go to plan.

Tuesday, October 06

Ian reaches breaking point and resorts to drastic measures.

A jealous Babe takes matters into her own hands.

Kush has a heart-to-heart with Shabnam.

Thursday, October 08

Ian reels from seeing a ghost from the past but the reunion takes a sudden turn.

Elaine and Babe come to terms with recent events.

Shabnam and Kush struggle to stay united.

Friday, October 09

Emotions are high in Albert Square when Ian demands answers from those closest to him.

At The Vic, Jay’s birthday celebrations take a turn.

Monday, September 28

It's judgement day for Max, and his fate is about to be sealed. But will he be convicted for a murder he didn’t commit, or will justice prevail?

After contemplating Robbie’s offer, Carol makes a decision.

Tuesday, September 29

As the residents of Albert Square are left shocked by recent events, there’s more drama in store for the Beales, Brannings and Butchers.

Lauren continues to feel torn.

Thursday, October 01

Families around the Square reach breaking point, as recent events send shockwaves rippling through the Square.

Carol contemplates the future - but what will she decide to do?

Linda has a heart-to-heart with Lee.

Friday, October 02

As Carol prepares to leave Walford the residents of Albert Square reel from yesterday’s events and start to look to the future.

Lauren takes matters into her own hands.

Phil’s plan begins to fall apart.

Monday, September 21

Two residents prepare to leave Walford, but with word of their departure spreading, will all go to plan?

Max’s trial takes a turn. Will his family stand by him?

Tuesday, September 22

Jane pushes forward with her plan to help Max.

Ronnie gives Vincent the cold shoulder.

Carol has a change of heart.

Thursday, September 24

Masood worries when he hears of Jane’s intentions - but will Jane go through with her plan?

A familiar face returns to Albert Square.

Ronnie resorts to desperate measures.

Friday, September 25

The residents of Albert Square reel from the latest developments in Max’s trial.

Following the shocking events in court, Jane turns to a familiar face for help.

Monday, September 14

Sharon is stunned when she comes face-to-face with a ghost from the past.

Jane makes a deal with the devil.

Charlie is shocked to the core when Ronnie drops a bombshell.

Tuesday, September 15

The day arrives for Max’s trial - but will the truth out?

Jane is conflicted when a familiar face returns to Albert Square.

After learning the truth, Sharon makes a drastic decision.

Thursday, September 17

It’s Abi’s turn to take to the stand in court - but will she stick by her story or her father?

Roxy is stunned when Charlie tells of his plan.

Mick has a heart-to-heart with Lee, but will Lee listen to his dad?

Friday, September 18

Roxy finds herself torn between Charlie and Ronnie - who will she stand by?

Kathy receives a visit from an unexpected face.