Monday, October 03

Alfie sets up a green screen to take fake holiday snaps for Jade before her hospital appointment, which gives Alfie an idea. Celine tries to help her family as Mercedes has to say a difficult goodbye. Cameron lies to Courtney about Lockie's drug abuse, but she doesn't look set to drop the search just yet.

Tuesday, October 04

Nathan gets on the wrong side of Lisa when she overhears him talking about Rachel, and the tension sizzles between Nathan and Cleo when Lisa storms off. Meanwhile, Jade is desperately trying to stay strong and Sonia offers to take her to see their dad.

Wednesday, October 05

It's the day of the Little Starz talent show and Leah is in full-on diva mode. Meanwhile, Eva gets Liam involved in a dangerous plan. Cameron's upset with Courtney over her Find Lockie page, and Alfie treats Jade to a French picnic.

Thursday, October 06

Eva lies to Liam about how much trouble they're in - what does she have planned? Leela receives some worrying news at the hospital, and Ste fights to see more of the kids. Meanwhile, Cindy's left heartbroken when the luxury flat she and Dirk were buying goes up in price.

Friday, October 07

Liam worries that his actions have put his family in danger, while Leah and Lucas are confused when Ste takes them out of school. For once Marnie is left speechless when she comes face to face with Cindy's sister Jude.

Monday, September 26

It's Freshers' Week in the village and Lisa persuades Ellie to come out to a Loft party to help get over Freddie. In among the chaos and the party, will it be a night they never forget?

Tuesday, September 27

Celine feels trapped by her promise to marry Diego, while Joe has to ask Joanne for a difficult favour. Tegan is desperate for a boyfriend, and Ellie confides a terrible secret.

Wednesday, September 28

It's Mercedes and Celine's hen do, complete with McQueen madness, but someone makes a horrible mistake. Nick gets to know Holly, and Joanne schemes about Joe's wedding.

Thursday, September 29

Freddie desperately tries to keep things together for Joe's wedding, while Mercedes is in damage limitation mode. Liam suspects something is up with Celine, as everyone prepares for the double wedding of the year.

Friday, September 30

Celine prepares to walk down the aisle, Liam and Jesse party in the Loft, and a huge secret is revealed.

Monday, September 19

Desperate Esther allows Grace to help her - but can they solve the mystery of missing Kim? The Roscoe boys endure the 'meal from hell' with an unwanted guest. A visitor shakes up The McQueen's, but its Jack's past that comes back to haunt him as he receives a mysterious phone call.

Tuesday, September 20

Concerned Simone takes desperate measures as Lisa's partying gets out of control. Leah has some harsh words for a devastated Ste, while Jack's forced to face his demons as he visits someone from his past. But just how safe will he be?

Wednesday, September 21

Simone hosts a dinner party to try and save her family, but with Marnie invited will all go as planned? A new arrival in the village puts Cindy's nose out of joint while suspicious Esther demands answers from Jack; unaware they're both being secretly watched.

Thursday, September 22

Romantic Freddie tries to win back Ellie's heart whilst Cleo's heart-broken as Nathan and Lisa are stronger than ever. Cindy thinks her luck is changing, but she soon discovers she has the boss from hell. Esther forces Jack to go to the police; unaware how close the danger is. The village is in for a treat with new arrival Detective Eva Falco.

Friday, September 23

Mercedes' mistake has landed Freddie in hot water - can he convince Ellie he loves her? Marnie's determined to stop Lisa and Nathan from moving forward with their relationship, but will enlisting lovelorn Cleo help? Liam falls head over heels for mysterious Eva; but is she all that she seems?

Monday, September 12

Mac makes a grand gesture for Neeta but how will Marnie react? Jade makes a discovery, while John Paul has good news for Myra and Sally. But Grace is not happy with a new arrival in Hollyoaks.

Tuesday, September 13

Marnie and Neeta agree to be civilised to each other. Can Neeta trust that Mac's issues are in the past? Jade and Alfie seize the day after she tells him her news. Grace is worried that old secrets may be discovered, while James opens up to John Paul about his troubled childhood.

Wednesday, September 14

Ellie plays matchmaker but will everything go to plan? Joe takes his relationship with Joanne to the next level, but an unexpected visitor could be a problem. Myra needs a get-rich-quick scheme to fund her wedding of the year to Diego. Jade attempts to run away from her problems, but can Alfie make her see sense?

Thursday, September 14

Joe has a big decision to make. Alfie and Jade attempt to make a lifetime's worth of memories. Myra's scheme is getting out of control, but Jesse sees it as a business opportunity for the salon. James decides to take revenge on the person responsible for his childhood demons.

Friday, September 15

Can Myra and Jesse pull off the scam of the century? Myra is shocked when Diego reveals his past secrets. Will a discovery ruin Esther and Grace's chance to reconcile their friendship? Joe is in for a surprise but can he talk his way out of trouble? Ste decides on a career change.

Monday, September 05

Each episode this week is set on the same day, but shows a different point of view from a suspect in Patrick's murder case. Starting with Maxine. DS Armstrong interrogates Maxine over Patrick's death but Maxine ends up in hospital.

Tuesday, September 06

The second episode this week set on the same day, from a different suspect in the murder case is from Nancy's point of view. Darren and Nancy realise they've accidentally set Maxine up for murder. Meanwhile, Nancy has a physical meltdown in front of her class. Later, she pushes Nico for the truth about Patrick's death.

Wednesday, September 07

The third episode this week set on the same day, revealed from a different suspect in Patrick's murder case, is from Nico's point of view. A new video recording surfaces and makes Nico the prime suspect. As Nico and Peri plan to run away, Nico prepares to tell Peri everything.

Thursday. September 08

The fourth episode this week set on the same day, from a different suspect in Patrick's murder case is from Warren's point of view. Warren is stunned when Sienna reveals she was prepared to help Patrick die. And the revelations don't stop coming when Warren learns all about her damaged history. Later, as police suspicion turns on Sienna, Warren plans their escape. But will a surprise visitor change everything?

Friday, September 09

The last episode in the week that is set on the same day, telling events from a different suspect in Patrick's murder case, is from Sienna's point of view. The police prepare to make an arrest for Patrick's Murder. Meanwhile Sienna is shocked by a surprise witness statement which changes her life forever.

Monday, August 29

With Mercedes' world falling apart, Diego tries his best to help her. Peri suspects Nico could be behind Tom's mystery illness, while Myra is floored to learn Diego has a secret. Meanwhile, a stranger arrives in Hollyoaks Village but someone isn't pleased to see them.

Tuesday, August 30

Joanne discovers that Joe still has feelings for Mercedes, and Diego locates Maria, who makes him an offer he can't refuse. Meanwhile, Warren tries to get Darren and Maxine to go into business with him. But will Darren make a deal with the devil?

Wednesday, August 31

Joanne resorts to desperate measures to keep her man, while Alfie gets a surprise call from his hero. Warren declares war when he discovers Maxine's sabotage plans, but it's Darren and Nancy who are in real trouble when their past comes back to haunt them.

Thursday, September 01

Sienna demands to know the truth, leaving Darren and Nancy fearing for their lives. Neeta worries about her relationship with Mac, while Nico and Peri make a discovery that could change the lives of everyone in the village for ever.

Friday, September 02

The hunt for a killer is on, but who's the number one suspect? Is it Sienna; out on a rampage and determined to get answers? Is it Daren, Nancy and Maxine; panicking and trapped in their web of lies? Or is it innocent-looking Nico, who's facing tough questions at the police station? DS Armstrong will stop at nothing to find out the truth.

Monday, August 22

Grace is furious and wants revenge. Myra and Sally continue to argue over John Paul - will they ever make a truce? Celine's romantic gesture to Jesse ends with a bit of hotness.

Tuesday, August 23

Warren threatens Maxine and Darren, while Grace continues her plan for revenge, but who is she after? Adam and Maxine go on a date and Jesse is avoiding Celine, but why? Nico's obsession with Peri intensifies...

Wednesday, August 24

One family waits anxiously at the hospital with a loved one in a life-or-death situation. Things are looking up for Jesse, while Nico tries to get closer to Peri. Meanwhile, Tom uncovers a shocking truth.

Thursday, August 25

Sienna desperately tries to help Warren, while James's plan to assist Joanne is foiled. Joe makes fun of Mercedes and the kids of Hollyoaks High wait with baited breath for their GCSE results. Meanwhile, Nico has a plan to help Peri...

Friday, August 26

Nico's sinister scheme is coming together. Meanwhile, just as Joe and Mercedes think everything's going to plan, the worst possible thing happens. And Diego finds a way to make John Paul smile.

Monday, August 15

As Marnie goes to extreme measures to stop anyone else finding out her secret, Ellie is stunned by Freddie's romantic declaration. Ste struggles to make amends with Ryan but he soon becomes worried about Leah. Meanwhile, Cleo's playing matchmaker.

Tuesday, August 16

Alfie's health takes a turn for the worse, leaving Marnie's plot to crumble. Lisa and Nathan's budding romance looks set to be short-lived with a surprise delivery at The Dog. Ste confides in Tegan about Leah, but does he have it all wrong? Scott wants to take his relationship with John Paul to the next level.

Wednesday, August 17

There's havoc in the village as an animal is on the loose. James plots to come between Scott and John Paul. Nancy tries to talk Darren out of another hare-brained scheme, which ends in disaster.

Thursday, August 18

Nancy and Darren struggle in the aftermath of the accident, as Scott worries that he's lost John Paul. Ste tries to make amends with Ryan and Amy, and the teens get their A-Level results. Grace is furious when she finds a reminder of the past, but could her rage lead her to seek revenge?

Friday, August 19

Emotions run high as the power goes out in the village. Grace seeks the truth as Nathan attempts to get closer to Lisa, and James tries to turn over a new leaf.


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