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Monday, April 28

Maxine witnesses a horrific incident, but will Patrick believe her? Jason risks all to get Holly her promised money. Is Phoebe one step closer to discovering the horrors that John Paul suffered? George takes matters into his own hands, and Holly attempts to rekindle her relationship with her mum.

Tuesday, April 29

Patrick's efforts to impress end in humiliation, while Maxine attends her 12-week scan alone. The magnitude of Jasons' situation hits Holly, will the couple decide to leave the village? Finn takes his bullying to the next level, while Blessing is hiding something.

Wednesday, April 30

As the truth about Patricks' behaviour is revealed, who will he look to blame? Holly is thrilled to finally meet a long-lost family member, but will the feeling be mutual? Cindy is devastated as she prepares baby Hilton to fight for his life, while Blessing is worried about the new arrival in the village.

Thursday, May 01

Will Nancy find out who's to blame for Patrick's spectacle? Cindy is eager for her daughter to come home. Robbie can't help feeling disappointed in Phoebe, and Holly faces a difficult decision.

Friday, May 02

Has Patrick pushed Maxine too far this time? As Sonny comforts a devastated Sinead, will Carmel get the wrong end of the stick? Elsewhere, Phoebe tries to win back Robbie's friendship.

Monday, April 21

Grace is hell bent on revenge, but can Trevor persuade her to do the right thing? Cindy has to work hard to win Dirk back, but there's a shock in store for Holly. What will Joe do when he discovers that Freddie is helping out a sworn enemy?

Tuesday, April 22

Sam is fearful that Danny has been pushed to the edge. An event at The Hutch packs a punch for Joe and Freddie, while Mercedes cosies up to a brooding Trevor. In the light of recent news, Ste tries to make peace with Sinead.

Wednesday, April 23

Trevor is in trouble, and suspicions are rife in the Roscoe household. A freaked-out Holly wants Jason to flee the village with her, and Sam resorts to desperate measures to save her family. Meanwhile, is Sonny any closer to solving his case?

Thursday, April 24

Grace wants justice, and the net closes in on the Lomaxes. How far is Ste prepared to go to protect himself and his family? At the Roscoes', people want answers. When Holly turns to crime to fund her plan, will Jason come to her rescue?

Friday, April 25

A new development sends shockwaves through the village. Guilty feelings run high at both the Lomaxes' and the Roscoes'. Grace attempts to carry on as usual, and as Holly's determined to go ahead with her plan, what does Jason have up his sleeve?

Monday, April 14

Sinead is shocked when a guilt-ridden Ste is arrested. Can Fraser win Tegan over before she goes to the police? Joe is determined to make Fraser pay, while Lindsey fears she will lose her job.

Tuesday, April 15

Joe joins forces with Trevor and Grace, but is he walking into a trap? Ste hits rock bottom as Sinead struggles to come to terms with his betrayal. Tegan makes a shock confession to her family and will Sandy allow Fraser back into her life? With Jim's evidence in hand, Sonny struggles with his conscience.

Wednesday, April 16

Joe outlines his plan, unaware that Grace has one of her own. Sam is determined to get to the truth, while a hard up Nana inadvertently sells Jim's confessional DVD; can Sonny get it back before it falls into the wrong hands?

Thursday, April 17

The plan is in place, but can Grace go through with it? A panicked Joe and Freddie realise Sandy's life is in danger. Ste stumbles upon new evidence and can Mercedes persuade Cindy to keep her options open and go to the ball?

Friday, April 18

Will Joe and Freddie reach Sandy in time? Trevor is desperate to flee before the choice is out of his hands. Will Cindy betray Dirk and can Mercedes bag her dream man? Tegan faces a life-changing decision.

Monday, April 07

Confused, Lindsey seeks advice from Mercedes. Freddie is over the moon, until he gets the shock of his life. Sienna learns Maxine's secret, but will she reveal the truth to Patrick? Dennis is concerned for his friend, while Dodger is given hope of a rekindled relationship. Trevor is left intrigued by an interesting proposition.

Tuesday, April 08

In order to order to regain control, will Fraser blackmail Freddie? And Grace is furious with Trevor for betraying her.

Wednesday, April 09

Trevor and Grace prepare for their life away from Fraser, but can anything or anyone tempt them back to the village? Freddie and Lindsey are left with little choice. Patrick tries his manipulative best to regain control. And Dennis tells Dodger that it's now or never, while Sonny is determined to find out the truth about Katy's death.

Thursday, April 10

It's Katy's funeral and Ste is furious to discover that Sinead knows nothing about it. Sonny delivers some life-changing news, while Grace astounds Trevor by revealing her deadly goal.

Friday, April 11

It's Katy's funeral and Ste is furious to discover that Sinead knows nothing about it. Sonny delivers some life-changing news, while Grace astounds Trevor by revealing her deadly goal.