Monday, July 10

Granny Campbell wants Courtney to come back to Scotland and Grace freaks Warren out. Darren plans a special foreign film night for Nancy, but when Kyle calls asking for them to visit, he begins to panic.

Tuesday, July 11

Darren and Nancy go to visit Kyle, but Nancy is worried about his welfare. Tom and Alfie get the wrong end of the stick at The Loft and Courtney makes a big decision.

Wednesday, July 12

Tom and Alfie cover for Darren, while Armstrong acts as Cindy's protector. Holly gets a shock when she receives a letter from Jude inviting her and Nick to Ibiza. Holly confides in Ellie and invites her to take Nick's place.

Thursday, July 13

Shane is on to Darren, while Leela worries about Cindy. Dirk gets a call about Liberty, and Scott comes home from hospital.

Friday, July 14

Cindy hires Leela as her cleaner, but Leela has a motive. Darren is tempted by money from Shane, while Farrah visits Scott. Meanwhile, Myra uses Mac to motivate Marnie.


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