Monday, January 30

Goldie and the boys receive a surprise visit, while Amy is on a mission to get answers. Ryan plans a surprise to win back his woman.

Tuesday, January 31

Liam is taken back by an emotional Grace, while Esther explodes with anger over an upcoming change. Ste and Harry are worried about Amy, and Ryan has a new idea in mind.

Wednesday, February 01

Prince is searching for relationship advice but what he finds brings back bad memories for Goldie. Harry is preparing a surprise for Ste, while Grace tells Esther her true feelings.

Thursday, February 02

Kim plans a surprise for Esther, but Esther is confused by a note she finds. And Kim doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

Friday, February 03

Grace's emotions put her off a scheme, but could that all change? Nancy prepares to tell people about her illness, but something stops her in her tracks.

Monday, January 23

Things take a sinister turn when Courtney throws Tegan's phone in the water and disturbs something lurking beneath. Warren surprises Ste, while Lisa chooses between Mac and Nathan once again.

Tuesday, January 24

Nathan is worrying about his relationship while Mac has something else on his mind. Tegan makes a grim discovery, while Courtney tries to call the police. Meanwhile, Ryan and Ste join forces.

Wednesday, January 25

History repeats itself when Zack goes missing and Simone begins to panic. Simone receives some worrying news from Harry, while Ryan is on the case to help find Zack.

Thursday, January 26

Ste gives Harry the cold shoulder. Ryan and Ste are back to square one with the kids. And Harry gets the wrong end of the stick with Goldie.

Friday, January 27

It's Ryan's birthday but things become awkward when Amy invites the McQueens. Joel refuses Warren's gesture of reconciliation which leads to an unexpected reunion.

Monday, January 16

Prince engineers things so that he and Lily are paired together for a science project, and Kim is put out over Esther and Grace's relationship. Esther lashes out, and Lisa and Mac feel guilty. Mac thinks he knows who broke into the pub.

Tuesday, January 17

Kim makes a panicked phone call to Grace asking her to get to the hospital. When Grace and Adam arrive, a team of nurses rush to Esther's room. Ellie surprises Marnie at the hospital and Courtney catches Lily and Prince getting close.

Wednesday, January 18

Ellie quarrels with Freddie, and Tegan realises something about Daniel. Things are awkward between Louis and Leela in Price Slice but Louis is intrigued when Tegan reveals they're registering Daniel today.

Thursday, January 19

Esther is still struggling with her memory, but Nancy has an idea. Nancy tells Darren that her test results have arrived. Leela feels guilty when Peri admits that she needs her dad. Daniel's father turns up at the hospital, and Freddie is furious at Ellie.

Friday, January 20

Leela worries about who overheard her in the hospital. Nathan forgets Lisa's birthday and she is furious. Nancy has an important appointment at the hospital. Ellie questions Freddie about why he's been AWOL all day.


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