Monday, 10 February 2014

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Monday, February 02

Nancy's pill addiction has disastrous consequences. Dylan puts Nico in danger, while Tegan, Celine and Kim's prank jeopardises their careers.

Tuesday, February 03

Nico's actions result in a life-threatening situation. Frankie forces Esther to choose between her family or Grace and Trevor, while Robbie, Holly and Phoebe's big day out ends in a surprising party at The Loft.

Wednesday, February 04

Dirk is faced with a tough choice. Maxine opens up to Darren about her past. Dylan warns Esther about his dad, while Trevor threatens Robbie about his recent behaviour.

Thursday, February 05

Dirk's decision attracts unwanted attention, while Holly is disgusted by Robbie's actions. Kim makes it her mission to spread some joy, with embarrassing consequences for one of her team-mates.

Friday, February 06

Dirk can't escape his tormentor, while Tom and Dylan try to call a truce, and Maxine goes to an old foe for help.

Monday, January 26

There's a new development in Mercedes's murder case. Grace, Trevor and Esther are delighted to see their baby for the first time. Porsche and Celine are surprised by a new arrival, while Ste is out for revenge.

Tuesday, January 27

It's a black day for Freddie as he tries to keep one step ahead of the police but is caught at the scene of a crime. Patrick's faith in Nancy is a welcome boost and gives her an exciting new opportunity at Hollyoaks High.

Wednesday, January 28

Lindsey makes it her mission to save Freddie from a life behind bars. Nancy asks Esther for help at the school, but the students get more than they bargained for when Grace gets involved.

Thursday, January 29

Lindsey's actions leave Celine with a terrible dilemma, while a familiar face returns to make things even more difficult. Dylan leads Peri down a dangerous path, putting her and her schoolmates' lives at risk. Desperate, Nancy turns to Trevor once more.

Friday, January 30

Will Nancy find the courage to face the consequences of what she's done? Jack makes a potentially life-changing decision. Freddie makes a shocking discovery, while Dirk's painful admission may come back to haunt him.

Monday, January 19

Maxine and Theresa are in grave danger, Jason takes his first steps on the road to recovery, and Ste is concerned when he gets an unexpected call.

Tuesday, January 20

Dodger's world goes up in flames and there are life-threatening consequences. Ste has heartbreaking news for John Paul.

Wednesday, January 21

John Paul needs answers, but Ste's behaviour pushes him further away. While they wait for important news, will they find the strength to face the future together, or is this a betrayal too far?

Thursday, January 22

There's hope for Myra and Porsche when they get word of Mercedes. Nana makes a decision about the McQueens' future in Hollyoaks. Nico is haunted by what's happened as John Paul struggles to come to terms with the latest bombshell.

Friday, January 23

Can Ste and John Paul save their marriage? Lindsey questions Freddie's innocence, while Porsche, Nana and Lockie search for answers of their own. Grace plans a treat for Esther, but Kim rubs her up the wrong way and is shocked by what she discovers.

Monday, January 12

Can Nancy pull Robbie back from the brink? Peri puts her trust in the wrong person, while Darren launches his new business and is delighted when he gets his first customer.

Tuesday, January 13

Trevor offers Robbie a job, while Jason fears he's holding Sandy back. Dirk is shocked when Maxine returns from LA without Dodger.

Wednesday, January 14

Cunning Sienna plans to disappear with Dodger for ever. Robbie's new job causes more heartbreak for the Roscoes.

Thursday, January 15

Tony offers to help Darren, but will it be a match made in business heaven or a recipe for disaster? Dirk faces a dilemma.

Friday, January 16

Life is set to change for the Blakes and the Savages. Can Darren swallow his pride and make his new business a success with his meddling best mate?

Monday, January 05

The Roscoes struggle to cope after the events of New Year's Eve. Tegan records a special message for baby Rose, but ends up making a terrible mistake that could blow her world apart. Grace is furious when she discovers Trevor's been keeping secrets from her.

Tuesday, January 06

Tegan panics when she remembers what she did the previous night. Leela's caught in the middle as Cameron and Peri go head to head, and a mysterious arrival has a surprising revelation for the Lomax family. Meanwhile, Trevor has his own bombshell for Grace.

Wednesday, January 07

Tegan and Ziggy discover a surprise stowaway when they arrive at their destination. Porsche and Lockie battle it out for a job at The Loft, while Grace and Trevor's relationship is put to the test.

Thursday, January 08

Tegan has to be cruel to be kind. Grace makes a decision about The Loft job, but celebrations turn frosty after a misplaced revenge attack.

Friday, January 09

Panic sets in when Lockie discovers Porsche is missing. Joe begs for Nancy's help, but as Nancy battles with her conscience will it be too little, too late?

Monday, December 29

Peri takes drastic action when Nancy confronts her over the stolen necklace. Robbie finds out what Rick has been up to, while DS Thorpe has a plan to tear the Roscoes apart. There's a serious turning point in Ste and John Paul's relationship.

Tuesday, December 30

Sandy returns to the village and is delighted to meet her grandson. Freddie and Lindsey panic when they find out about DS Thorpe's plot. Robbie breaks up with Phoebe, and Jason's eating disorder takes a turn for the worse.

Wednesday, December 31

Frankie and Robbie offer to help Nancy, but her desperation leaves her out in the cold and in danger. Ziggy brings some light relief to the Roscoes' night out, while Joe decides he needs to find out the truth about Freddie. Robbie stands up to his dad, and Darren has a rare light-bulb moment that could change things for him in 2015.

Thursday, January 01

No episode today

Friday, January 02

The Roscoes pray for a miracle. Joe threatens Kim to make sure justice is done, but what hold does he have over her?