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Monday, April 06

Theresa makes a shocking discovery while doing a good turn. Darren takes matters into his own hands but finds the police are one step ahead, and Esther is in turmoil as things go from bad to worse for Phoebe.

Tuesday, April 07

Patrick gains an ally but is his secret still safe? Sinead does a deal with Freddie and finds herself caught up in a dangerous game. A surprise phone call sends Grace into a panic.

Wednesday, April 08

A double booking at The Dog brings two sets of sworn enemies face to face, and in a moment of madness, a dark secret from Kim's past is revealed.

Thursday, April 09

Trevor's loyalty is tested to the limit when Grace refuses to open up. Cracks are beginning to show in John Paul's fairytale when Sinead comes between him and Ste. Joe is desperate to convince Nancy of the truth but can their relationship survive recent shock revelations?

Friday, April 10

Lonely and guilty, Sinead's emotions threaten to spiral out of control. Porsche and Celine attempt to build bridges, but will they be forgiven? Ste reopens old wounds, but at what cost to John Paul?

Monday, March 30

Tony and Diane go in search of answers, while a blast from the past causes havoc for Dr S'Avage. Ziggy takes desperate measures with criminal consequences.

Tuesday, March 31

Someone threatens to expose the truth about Dr S'Avage, but what's his big secret? Reality hits Ste and Leela as they take the law into their own hands. And it's decision time for Darren - will he do a deal with the devil?

Wednesday April 01

Ziggy's faced with an impossible decision. Diane's search for justice has frightening consequences for her family. Cindy spies a new romance blooming, while Sienna starts to scheme a way out of the psychiatric unit.

Thursday, April 02

Tegan has to cover her heartbreak when Leela makes an announcement, while Celine plots to keep love on course. Sienna sets her sights on Dr S'Avage, and Jason's new career brings a surprise revelation for Cindy that has devastating consequences.

Friday, April 03

As Jason comes to Cindy's rescue, Darren has suspicions about the culprit. Maxine discovers Darren is not all he seems, while Patrick and Theresa take their working relationship to the next level. Esther is heartbroken by Phoebe's situation.

Monday, March 23

Jason uncovers fresh leads about missing Freddie. Robbie finds himself out of his depth and makes a shock discovery, while Joe ensures the rogue responsible for the recent attack will pay the price. Sinead hits the jackpot when she stumbles across Lindsey's plan.

Tuesday, March 24

Kim's scheme could prove detrimental for one Roscoe brother. Desperate Tom clutches at straws. Robbie goes off the rails, but will anyone come to his rescue before he hits self-destruct? Lindsey appeals to Sinead - is this the start of an unlikely alliance?

Wednesday, March 25

Tegan is speechless when a notorious face turns up on her doorstep. Someone is out for revenge on the McQueens and will stop at nothing to see the family crumble.

Thursday, March 26

Patrick sees red after a recent revelation. The walls are closing in on one villager as the police gather more evidence surrounding Mercedes's murder. Tegan's condition takes a turn for the worse.

Friday, March 27

Tegan is forced to make some tough decisions. Grace is out for revenge when she discovers that her plans have been thwarted. Ziggy makes a desperate decision when pushed to the limit.

Monday, March 16

Maxine seems doomed to fail when a secret plot threatens her chances with social services. Porsche drags a dangerous ally into her bid for revenge against Lockie. Peri's mind is made up, until her situation spirals out of control.

Tuesday, March 17

Trevor locks horns with a fellow villager as things turn nasty, while Grace is on the warpath. A night out with Porsche and Theresa could cost Maxine her future.

Wednesday, March 18

Dirk's torment over the poison pen letters escalates. A surprise intervention leads to a shock result for scheming Patrick. Grace is determined to get to the bottom of Trevor's betrayal, and Kim gets more than she bargained for when she confronts Grace.

Thursday, March 19

Dirk's tormentor could be closer to home than he thought. Fresh clues about the Mercedes case emerge. Patrick fears for Nico, but is all as it seems?

Friday, March 20

It's a big day for Jason. When more truths surrounding Will's death surface, Dirk is forced to pay the price. Kim comes dangerously close to blowing things apart for Lindsey and Freddie.

Monday, March 09

Grace is spooked by reminders of Mercedes, while Porsche gets too close for comfort to a guilty Diane. Ziggy is mortified when a new business venture takes an awkward turn, while Lockie stumbles on a profitable opportunity.

Tuesday, March 10

Porsche's on the war path, and her rage has heart-stopping consequences. Will Lindsey finally uncover the truth, or will a certain someone stand in her way? Lockie and Ziggy fall foul of Trevor, forcing Lockie to flee the village.

Wednesday, March 11

Maxine can't believe Patrick's latest offer, but will she accept for the sake of their daughter? With her world spiralling out of control, Peri takes spectacular action. John Paul's good mood is ruined by a haunting phone call.

Thursday, March 12

Lockie puts himself and his accomplice in danger as a heroic act goes horribly wrong. Theresa's conscience kicks in over her latest scheme.

Friday, March 13

Tegan receives life changing news as another part of her existence appears set to crumble. Porsche enacts further revenge - but is all as it seems? With time running out for Peri and Tom, what choice will they make? Will Theresa complete Patrick's challenge?

Monday, March 02

Nancy gets too close for comfort and provokes an emotional outburst from a village resident. Maxine receives devastating news that could change everything. Ste wonders whether to tell everyone about his illness.

Tuesday, March 03

Maxine flees with Minnie, but could she be putting her daughter's life in danger in the process? John Paul's guilt begins to spiral out of control when a good deed goes wrong. Nancy finds herself in the centre of a love triangle - but who will she choose?

Wednesday, March 04

Dirk is faced with a tough choice. Maxine opens up to Darren about her past. Dylan warns Esther about his dad, while Trevor threatens Robbie about his recent behaviour.

Thursday, March 05

Dirk's decision attracts unwanted attention, while Holly is disgusted by Robbie's actions. Kim makes it her mission to spread some joy, with embarrassing consequences for one of her team-mates.

Friday, March 06

Lockie gives Ziggy a hilarious new business idea, and it looks like Joe's luck is about to change for the better. Could Theresa be in danger when Patrick flies off the handle?

Monday, February 23

Joe makes a desperate decision to get his son back, while Jack faces big choices over his future. Cindy has a cunning plan brewing for a village newcomer.

Tuesday, February 24

Kim is in turmoil when someone begs her for help, while Theresa immediately lands herself in hot water when she gets a new job. Things start looking up for Jason when he makes a friend in the clinic. And a shocking revelation at the hospital changes the lives of those involved for ever.

Wednesday, February 25

Will Jason's new friend help or hinder his recovery? Tom gets the wrong end of the stick and puts his relationship with Peri in jeopardy. When Theresa makes an error of judgement, will a family member be able to save the day?

Thursday, February 26

Will Jason's new friend help or hinder his recovery? Tom gets the wrong end of the stick and puts his relationship with Peri in jeopardy. When Theresa makes an error of judgement, will a family member be able to save the day?

Friday, February 27

The village is shaken by revelations. Jason is faced with his biggest dilemma yet, but will he risk everything? Leela makes an announcement that leaves two other villagers feeling very awkward.