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  Monday, April 16

It's Luke's birthday, but will it end in tears when Mandy gets jealous? Leela is shocked by a new face in the village and Damon is furious about Brody's new plans. Milo is acting shifty again; what is he hiding?

Tuesday, April 17

Ollie puts Luke's future on the line and Louis is suspicious of the new girl in the village. Damon asks for Buster's help over problems with Brody, but what will Buster do?

Wednesday, April 18

Louis and Leela have a temporary visitor at the house, but is all as it seems? Myra discovers Cleo has been kicked out of Uni and tries to encourage her to go back, but will Cleo choose her education over her love for Joel?

Thursday, April 19

Following a huge row, Peri has to fend for herself on the streets after being kicked out by her mum in this Hollyoaks special episode.

Friday, April 20

Myra discovers some devastating news about Cleo. Esther is furious when Darcy begins to replace the memory of her gran, while Yaz has some truths to tell Hunter.

Mandy's focus lies on getting Ella back, while Simone is on Shane's case. Adam agrees to let Darcy see Toby, but he's unaware of her plan.



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