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Monday, December 29

Peri takes drastic action when Nancy confronts her over the stolen necklace. Robbie finds out what Rick has been up to, while DS Thorpe has a plan to tear the Roscoes apart. There's a serious turning point in Ste and John Paul's relationship.

Tuesday, December 30

Sandy returns to the village and is delighted to meet her grandson. Freddie and Lindsey panic when they find out about DS Thorpe's plot. Robbie breaks up with Phoebe, and Jason's eating disorder takes a turn for the worse.

Wednesday, December 31

Frankie and Robbie offer to help Nancy, but her desperation leaves her out in the cold and in danger. Ziggy brings some light relief to the Roscoes' night out, while Joe decides he needs to find out the truth about Freddie. Robbie stands up to his dad, and Darren has a rare light-bulb moment that could change things for him in 2015.

Thursday, January 01

No episode today

Friday, January 02

The Roscoes pray for a miracle. Joe threatens Kim to make sure justice is done, but what hold does he have over her?

Monday, December 22

Sienna's lies fail to allay Theresa's suspicions about Dodger's whereabouts. Rick manipulates those around him to get what he wants and upsets Robbie in the process. Will Sinead's insecurity over Tony get the better of her?

Tuesday, December 23

On the night of his joint stag do with John Paul, will Ste be able to resist temptation? Holly is heartbroken when Jason breaks up with her, unaware that Cindy is behind his change of heart. Tegan offers Tony a shoulder to cry on but he ends up discovering a heart-breaking truth. John Paul and Lockie go on the run from the law and end up taking an unexpected journey.

Wednesday, December 24

It's Ste and John Paul's wedding day, but with both grooms missing it's still a long road to the altar. Tony is hosting Christmas lunch for his nearest and dearest, but will it be ruined by Sinead's explosive secret? Holly is delighted with her gift from Cindy and helps Dirk to return the favour for her mum. Sienna reaches new depths of desperation - will Dodger ever escape?

Christmas Day

No episode today

Friday, December 26

Sinead's life hangs in the balance, while Ste and John Paul's relationship is on shaky ground again. Nancy is desperate for more pills and has to decide whose help she needs most - Robbie's or Rick's.

Monday, December 15

Sienna recruits Nico to do her dirty work when she fears she's going to lose Dodger, and Sinead is torn over whether she should tell Tony the truth. Holly is on the warpath and the Roscoes are shocked by Jason's behaviour.

Tuesday, December 16

Diane makes a decision about her future in the village, and Dodger blames Sienna for meddling in his life again but is gob-smacked to find out who is really responsible. There's some shocking news for Jason.

Wednesday, December 17

Sienna kidnaps Minnie. Nico wants to find her father for Christmas, but may come to regret it after Peri stumbles across some disturbing evidence. Will Tony find out about Sinead's manipulative behaviour? Nancy is becoming more reliant on painkillers, and Tegan makes a life-changing decision.

Thursday, December 18

Nico decides her family would be better off without her - can Tom stop her from making a dangerous decision? Dodger tells Sienna that he can't be a father to Nico, so she takes desperate action to make sure they have the perfect family Christmas. Phoebe gets on the wrong side of Rick when he declares that she's not good enough for Robbie.

Friday, December 19

Dodger is trapped in a Christmas nightmare, while Sienna is delighted to have her family by her side. Phoebe drops a bombshell on Robbie, while Nancy leans on Rick for the wrong kind of help.

Monday, December 08

Ste returns to the village and is immediately suspicious of Lockie and John Paul. He's thrown into turmoil by a menacing reminder from his past. Sienna is forced to help a frenemy in need, while Celine makes a heart-breaking discovery about a friend.

Tuesday, December 09

Ste is desperate to protect his family, but will they believe him? He makes a life-changing decision about John Paul. Joe panics when he's embroiled in the murder investigation, and Tegan is furious about Celine's discovery.

Wednesday, December 10

Rose is rushed to hospital where a devastated Tegan takes control. Freddie is up against an unrelenting adversary who discovers more than he bargained for. Sinead and Tony have something to celebrate.

Thursday, December 11

Tegan is shocked by Dr S'avage's diagnosis, while old habits die hard for Tony and Sinead. Jason prepares a festive surprise for Holly, but will it help her build bridges with Cindy?

Friday, December 12

Holly makes a devastating discovery but what will she do about it? Tegan's world crumbles around her, while Diane makes a decision about her future with Tony.

Monday, December 01

Rick forces Jason to fight with his injured hand - who will be victorious in the battle of the twins? Cameron has gambled everything on Rick's advice, but will it pay off?

Tuesday, December 02

Celine questions Jason's behaviour, and Patrick enjoys revealing a heart-breaking truth to Maxine. Will Cameron repeat past mistakes and end up losing the family he's fought so hard to get back?

Wednesday, December 03

Will Cameron and Rick's desperate act be discovered? Maxine is on trial and Dodger begs her not to give in to Patrick's demands. Porsche makes Theresa rethink her decision to help Nico, but are they wise to go up against Sienna?

Thursday, December 04

Has Nancy made the biggest mistake of her life? Maxine awaits the outcome of her trial. Dodger pleads with Theresa to help Nico, but will she live to regret her decision? When Lockie moves into the McQueens' house, will he and John Paul be able to resist temptation?

Friday, December 05

Dr S'avage, Kim, Celine and Tegan desperately try to find out who's to blame for what happened to Theresa. John Paul and Lockie struggle to keep their hands off each other, while Tom needs Darren's help.

Monday, November 24

Lindsey receives her paternity test results, and Freddie is under suspicion from the police. A family is ripped apart as the murder investigation shifts up a gear, and Esther guesses the truth about Sinead's secret.

Tuesday, November 25

Diane suspects Tony is up to his old tricks and discovers Sinead's latest secret. Lockie's good deed for his brother could turn out to have serious consequences. Cameron pushes Ziggy too far and Trevor tries to make Grace see what's more important: revenge or happiness...

Wednesday, November 26

It's Diane and Tony's wedding day - what could possibly go wrong? In the wake of the accident at The Loft, Lindsey wonders who she can trust. Leela and Tegan make up, and Jason lies to Holly to avoid the wedding.

Thursday, November 27

Diane is faced with a life-changing decision, while Jason is in turmoil about his upcoming charity boxing match. Kim is shocked when Lindsey tells her some home truths, and Leela and Tegan suspect a potential new buyer for their home is not what he seems.

Friday, November 28

Cameron does everything he can to protect his family - but will it be enough? Jason's relief when the boxing match is cancelled is short-lived as Robbie steps in to help, and Rick gets a money-spinning idea. Nancy can't bear to see Patrick with Minnie and tries to intervene.

Monday, November 17

Sienna takes her hostage to an abandoned building, but what's she got in store for her captive? Freddie decides he wants full custody if he's the father of Lindsey's baby, and Grace learns a heartbreaking truth.

Tuesday, November 18

Sienna and Patrick cover their tracks, but who will suffer the consequences? Dennis gets news of Blessing, while Blessing hits the jackpot when she discovers her stolen loot. Grace wants the ultimate revenge and Lindsey goes into labour.

Wednesday, November 19

Lindsey's stuck with an unwanted birth partner but will a new bond form between the pair? With Trevor on the hunt for his lost stash, is Blessing in danger? Someone plans to leave the village for ever when the rest of their family turn against them.

Thursday, November 20

Dennis and Trevor are in a race to reach Blessing first... but does she want to be found? Freddie and Lindsey are caught in a compromising position - are their lives in danger as a result?

Friday, November 21

After the previous night's tragedy, someone is desperate to cover their tracks, while the victim's family are unaware of their loved-one's ordeal. Blessing has a plan to frame Trevor, but Dennis is determined they'll get their happy ever after.

Monday, November 10

Porsche is delighted when her missing bridesmaid arrives in the nick of time, but will John Paul's fears for his cousin's happiness derail the ceremony? Dodger is left to rescue Maxine again, but does she want his help?

Tuesday, November 11

The jubilant McQueens board the party train, oblivious to the danger ahead. Maxine plots her escape, putting her faith in Sienna and unaware that disaster is about to strike.

Wednesday, November 12

As celebration turns to tragedy on the party train, who will survive the devastation? Maxine goes into labour but relief turns to fear when her saviour leaves her life hanging in the balance. Sienna makes a heart-breaking discovery as Theresa bravely faces her fate.

Thursday, November 13

Heartbreak fills the air as the deceased are carried away from the train. Patrick is the bearer of more tragic news, and Sienna is questioned about her part in the accident.

Friday, November 14

Sienna flees the hospital with a hostage. Esther discovers the truth about why her relationship with Kim was over before it began, and she wants answers...

Monday, November 03

Holly is worried about her mother's secretive behaviour. Ste lashes out at his family when he doesn't get the help he needs. Freddie puts his faith in Robbie with heart-stopping consequences.

Tuesday, November 04

Porsche's unexpected arrival is the first of many surprises for the McQueens. Cindy fears for her life. Grace plays cupid for Esther, but will Esther be brave enough to grab her chance at love?

Wednesday, November 05

Cindy's actions put Holly's life in serious danger. Grace fears that Esther's new romance might scupper their deal and turns saboteur. The McQueens are excited by OTT plans for the impending wedding.

Thursday, November 06

Rick and Robbie are concerned when Jason's health deteriorates. Will Maxine sell her soul in return for freedom? Grace tries to cover her tracks but can't help breaking hearts. Theresa is desperate when Kathleen-Angel disappears, while another McQueen makes a shocking return.

Friday, November 07

Dodger returns to the village, but will Maxine be waiting for him? Rick embarks on his next money-making scheme without a thought for Jason's safety. As the McQueen wedding draws closer, the family are unaware that Porsche's big day is about to de-rail in spectacular style.

Monday, October 27

The McQueens fear for Theresa's sanity, while Theresa suspects Carmel is behind the recent vendetta against her. Blessing meets a new friend who wants to make her biggest dream come true, but does he have her best interests at heart? Lockie has great news for Cameron.

Tuesday, October 28

The McQueen women enjoy some luxury spa pampering, unaware that Nana's life is in danger. Blessing is ecstatic that all her problems may soon be over, but Frankie smells a rat. Freddie embarks on his next dodgy scheme as Lockie manipulates his way into the Lomax household.

Wednesday, October 29

Carmel is cast out by the McQueens when Theresa finds proof that her cousin is causing all her problems. The police pay Freddie a visit, while Blessing makes a brave decision.

Thursday, October 30

The McQueens are shocked to discover the truth about Nana's accident, while Carmel's life is on the line. A familiar face returns to see Ste, but it's a case of bad timing. Blessing is unaware that she's torpedoed Freddie's plans, and is now sitting on a fortune.

Friday, October 31

The McQueens fear for Carmel's life. Ste's drug habit leaves him in deep trouble with Lockie, but it's John Paul who pays the price. Holly is delighted to discover Cindy can come home for a visit, but Cindy is not so keen.

Monday, October 20

Peri's plotting puts her in serious danger. Diane gets her hands on some incriminating evidence, while Frankie and Jack make a shocking discovery - what on earth is Esther up to?

Tuesday, October 21

Diane is on the war path, while Sinead is terrified about taking a pregnancy test. Frankie is determined to put an end to her family's secrets - but how far will she go to protect a loved one?

Wednesday, October 22

Trevor makes a heart-breaking decision, but can he be persuaded to change his mind? The anniversary of Leanne's death looms and while Dennis grieves for his lost wife, oblivious Blessing succeeds in making things much worse.

Thursday, October 23

Sienna offers to look after Myra-Pocahontas, but does she have an ulterior motive? A shock revelation at baby Rose's birthday party causes chaos at the Lomaxes, while Blessing helps Dennis confront some agonising truths.

Friday, October 24

As the McQueens begin to doubt Theresa over the strange goings-on, she fears for her own sanity. Tegan receives some shocking news, while Dennis resorts to extreme measures to avenge Leanne's death.

Monday, October 13

Maxine's plans to propose to Dodger are thwarted by Sienna. Phoebe proves herself a true McQueen when she sets out to seduce Robbie, while Carmel gets the evidence she needs to free Theresa - but will she use it?

Tuesday, October 14

The Blake/Savages are shocked by recent events - but who is to blame? It looks as though Cindy's finally heading home from hospital, until Jason shares a worrying secret. Carmel is desperate to right a wrong, but it's a race against time to save someone close. Jason is heartbroken when he spies Holly and Robbie together.

Wednesday, October 15

Tony and Sinead plan a romantic get-away, but an unsuspecting Diane intends to join them. It's a panicked rush to the hospital when Theresa goes into labour and the drama doesn't end there as she reveals who the daddy is...

Thursday, October 16

Sienna and Theresa play dirty to get what they want, while Diane is confused when she tries to contact Tony and discovers that he's not where he told her he'd be.

Friday, October 17

Dodger is disgusted by what he's done, while Diane tracks down Tony, but is she in for a nasty shock? Grace panics about her future.

Monday, October 06

Myra gets her hands on some incriminating evidence, but will she use it to stir up trouble? Grace and Trevor receive heartbreaking news while Freddie does a deal with the devil. Tegan meddles in Leela's relationship and Lindsey is given a ray of hope about her future.

Tuesday, October 07

Lindsey is deeply suspicious of a new arrival in the village while Ziggy and Cameron go head-to-head in an unlikely challenge. Freddie and Big Bob's plan escalates into a life-threatening situation, and Grace fears for Esther's health when the teen collapses. Elsewhere, Myra plans her revenge.

Wednesday October 08

The hospital is in lock-down as the crisis develops into a life or death battle for one hostage. Tegan and Ziggy, trapped in the lift, find a surprising way to pass the time, while terrified Lindsey makes a desperate confession.

Thursday, October 09

Leela races to save her sister, but the day ends in tragedy at the hospital, while back in the village Phoebe makes Robbie an offer he can't refuse.

Friday, October 10

Relief for the hostages is short-lived after the dust settles on the hospital crisis. Sienna's plan forces Maxine into an awkward situation with Patrick. Cindy gets the news her family has been waiting for, but Jason is alarmed by what he discovers during their visit.

Monday, September 29

The McQueens and Ste unite to support John Paul as Finn's trial begins. Diane is pushing Tony and Sinead closer together, while a shock courtroom revelation is about to bring someone's world crashing down.

Tuesday, September 30

The Osborne family is in meltdown after the first day of Finn's trial and Darren finds an unlikely shoulder to cry on. A problem shared is a problem halved for Sinead and Ste, but Sinead shares one too many secrets. Rick tries his charm with another of the village ladies.

Wednesday, October 01

Ste's testimony in the witness box could have devastating consequences for John Paul, while the race is on for Darren to put things right with Nancy. Diane finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Dennis and Tom embark on a new business adventure.

Thursday, October 02

Robbie and Finn go head-to-head in court, but who will the jury believe? Nana McQueen's health takes a turn for the worse, while Dennis's new business gets off to an explosive start. Ste hits a new low as he attempts to curb his cravings.

Friday, October 03

It's judgement day for Finn and John Paul as the jury reaches its verdict. Tony and Sinead share a moment, but who is watching? Can Diane live with herself after her actions change the O'Connors' lives for ever?

Monday, September 22

Is Nico about to rumble Patrick's big secret? Dodger takes matters into his own hands, while Myra is a shoulder to cry on for Holly and Dirk, but her good intentions end up having heart-breaking consequences. Tom makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday, September 23

Holly picks up the pieces and desperate Patrick turns to Maxine - but will she agree to help him? A discovery by Kathleen-Angel rings alarm bells for the McQueen family, while Nico's school prank puts Sienna in danger.

Wednesday, September 24

Maxine realises she's made a terrible mistake. Carmel decides to do things her way but ends up reeling about what she finds. Dirk and Holly visit Cindy but discover they're making things worse. Someone returns to the village and ends up causing quite a stir.

Thursday, September 25

The McQueens' plan for revenge has dramatic and dangerous consequences. Sinead pleads with Ste to get help, but has she left it too late? Darren launches a vendetta against the O'Connor family. Will Nana's confession to John Paul change everything?

Friday, September 26

Carmel is horrified by what her family has done, while Finn gets a shock when someone close to him comes to visit. John Paul makes a decision that could jeopardise his future, and will temptation get the better of Darren?

Monday, September 15

Carmel makes an announcement that shocks the McQueens. Trevor fears for Grace when he receives a mystery parcel. Ste makes a confession to Tony, and George and Esther fall out when she turns into the boss from hell.

Tuesday, September 16

It's a race against time as Trevor and Freddie embark on a tense rescue mission. The Lomaxes are rocked by a threatening encounter.

Wednesday, September 17

Leela, Tegan and Peri make a police appeal, desperate to find the driver who killed their parents. Is the source of Esther's secret fortune about to be revealed? Phoebe is surprised by Vincent's return.

Thursday, September 18

Tony must decide where his loyalties lie, while Ziggy is caught red-handed. Despite Phoebe's best efforts, George and Vincent come face-to-face.

Friday, September 19

Tony must decide where his loyalties lie, while Ziggy is caught red-handed. Despite Phoebe's best efforts, George and Vincent come face-to-face.

Monday, September 08

Freddie demands that Lindsey takes a paternity test or he'll tell Joe the truth. Rick saves the day for Jason, but it comes at a price. Grace gives Sonny an ultimatum.

Tuesday, September 09

Freddie is shocked by the results of Lindsey's paternity test. Kathleen McQueen discovers a secret about Sonny that could help bring him down, but does Phoebe hold the key to exposing him? Rick is worried when his debts catch up with him; will his family end up suffering for his mistakes?

Wednesday, September 10

Carmel is forced to face some hard evidence against Sonny. Rick uncovers a family secret, while Freddie's frustrations about Lindsey boil over and threaten to wreck the garage re-launch.

Thursday, September 11

Esther embarks on a new business venture but will a looming threat destroy her dream? Sonny plots to get rid of meddling Kathleen, while Mercedes, Phoebe and Theresa hatch their own plan. Could Trevor and Grace's dreams of a family come true?

Friday, September 12

Nana tries to stop her family plotting, but headstrong Mercedes forges ahead with her daring plan. The return of a familiar face comes just in the nick of time, while Carmel is forced to make a heart-breaking decision.

Monday, September 01

Sinead forgives Diane for not supporting her when Katy was ill, while the net is closing in on another family member. A shock takes its toll on fragile Nana McQueen.

Tuesday, September 02

Grace rushes to Nana McQueen's aid, and Mercedes is baying for blood after discovering a family secret. Tony has a proposition for Sinead, and Nico is plagued with guilt when Dodger and Maxine decide to throw her a party.

Wednesday, September 03

Trevor and Grace are hounded by Big Bob, and Nico can't play along with Sienna's sick lies any more. Esther hits the jackpot but could she be putting herself in serious danger?

Thursday, September 04

Maxine fears for her safety and decides she has to leave. George urges Esther to do the right thing, and Jason resorts to desperate measures to earn some cash, leaving Holly alarmed.

Friday, September 05

Can the Blake/Savages unite to avert disaster? While Esther announces a new business venture to her surprised family, Holly takes control in a bid to save Jason - but is there another surprise in store?

Monday, August 25

Finn is shocked when a familiar face returns to the village - what are their intentions? Sienna tells an unforgiveable lie to keep Dodger by her side. Theresa sends a visiting order for Kathleen-Angel, but Sonny visits her instead. Nancy is stressed about her impending nuptials - will Rick be her knight in shining armour?

Tuesday, August 26

Nico is outraged by her mother's lie. Finn and Amber ask Diane for a deposit so they can get their own place, while Rick makes a promise to Nancy - but will he stand by it?

Wednesday, August 27

Finn shows his true colours when he sees Amber trying to leave the village. It's up to Nancy to save the day, but has she put herself in danger by doing so? It's the night of Darren's fancy dress stag do, Dodger confides in Patrick about Nico, and Maxine is scared by what she finds on the boat...

Thursday, August 28

Ste is reunited with a face from the past - will they spoil his chances with John Paul? Darren races to be by his wife's side, while one Hollyoaks resident tries to hide their terrible deed. Robbie is determined to make sure justice is served, but will he succeed?

Friday, August 29

The village is in shock, but Nancy is determined to go through with her wedding to Darren. A proud John Paul walks Nancy down the aisle, but will it be second time lucky for the bride-to-be?

Monday, August 18

Cameron tries to stop Peri from doing something reckless. Jason finds himself in hot water. Freddie confronts Joe and is shocked by what his brother reveals. And Lindsey's lies may cause dangerous consequences.

Tuesday, August 19

Mercedes and Lindsey team up to get justice. Blessing makes a decision, which surprises Dennis. Will Jason hurt his loved ones to save his own back?

Wednesday, August 20

Blessing is left heartbroken. Will John Paul be there for Ste in his hour of need? Is Freddie's world about to come crashing down?

Thursday, August 21

Sienna is desperate to keep Dodger to herself but will she succeed? Blessing's self-harming leads to devastating consequences. And when Dennis asks Dodger for help, Dodger gets more than he bargained for.

Friday, August 22

Sienna's plan to be alone with Dodger is ruined when her brother's attention is demanded elsewhere. Meanwhile, there's heartbreak at the Roscoes.

Monday, August 11

There's a near miss for Tony and Sinead when Diane returns unexpectedly to the village. John Paul feels betrayed when Ste and Finn bond at the restaurant. The village descends into chaos when Cindy's plans to run away with 'Rhys' go wrong.

Tuesday, August 12

Tony prepares to tell Diane about him and Sinead. Trevor and Grace are on their way to an IVF appointment when a familiar face makes a threatening return. A suspicious Ste decides to take the law into his own hands.

Wednesday, August 13

Grace makes Lindsey an offer she can't refuse, Nico flips out and Sienna backs down. Ste comes close to the truth - will John Paul finally get justice? After the day's events, Ste unwinds at the college fancy dress disco.

Thursday, August 14

Sienna is oblivious to Nico's secret rendezvous, and Lindsey's on a mission at the prison. It's exam results day - will Esther and the Roscoe boys pass with flying colours?

Friday, August 15

Lindsey's heart sinks when she gets a call about Joe. Sienna panics when she discovers where Nico's gone - but is she too late? Jason struggles to cope under pressure, and Holly despairs when he fails to live up to his promises.

Monday, August 04

As the Lomaxes reveal their intentions, can Leela persuade her family to change their minds? Cameron is desperate for Peri to know the truth. Sinead reveals a life-changing dilemma, while Lindsey attempts to rekindle an old relationship.

Tuesday, August 05

Lindsey continues to fool a loved one, or does she? Cindy and Dirk are elated to welcome baby Hilton home, while Sinead is less than impressed with her date.

Wednesday, August 06

Cameron is on hand to comfort Leela, but will Ziggy stand by and let him steal his girl? Ste puts himself in serious danger, but will Leela and John Paul reach him in time?

Thursday, August 07

Cindy is on the war path, and Dirk feels the full brunt of her anger. Crossed wires lead to a stunned Sinead having to break terrible news to Tony. John Paul worries about Ste, while Trevor makes a heartfelt confession.

Friday, August 08

Will Cindy turn to serious crime to achieve her happy ending? Holly becomes increasingly concerned about her mum's behaviour, but is it time to come clean and reveal the truth to Dirk? Trevor is stunned to receive a threat from a shock visitor, and could Leela be falling for Cameron?

Monday, July 28

Holly grows more concerned about her missing mum, but is Cindy safe? Will Mercedes reveal the truth about last night? And will Patrick learn of Maxine's plan to escape?

Tuesday, July 29

Despite the challenges Maxine faces, will she manage to escape Patrick's grasp or be tied to him forever? And will Mercedes make the right choice?

Wednesday, July 30

Is Patrick able to convince a loved one that he's a changed man? Can Blessing and Dennis stop their friend from making a dreadful mistake? Freddie has an exciting business proposition for Mercedes but can he persuade her to go for it?

Thursday, July 31

Mercedes and Freddie relish in their new position of power, while Grace reveals the real reason for her wounds to a furious Trevor. Will Nancy's secret be unveiled?

Friday, August 01

Lindsey struggles to hide her emotions from a bemused Mercedes and Freddie, while Ziggy's big dreams leave Leela gobsmacked.

Monday, July 21

The Roscoes are rocked by a new development, while Sinead continues her illicit relationship. Will Leela and Ziggy take their relationship to the next level? Sam gets the shock of her life, and is Dennis ashamed of Blessing?

Tuesday, July 22

A ghost from Sam's past seeks the ultimate revenge. Are Sinead and Tony about to be found out? Blessing and George grow suspicious of Dennis's secretive behaviour.

Wednesday, July 23

Lindsey is conflicted, and Leela is the victim of an attack - will she be OK? Has Maxine finally been presented with her chance to leave Patrick? Cindy and 'Rhys' prepare to leave the village together.

Thursday, July 24

With pressure mounting, will Cindy confess her secret? Blessing is desperate to make up for her blunder, and Mercedes recruits Phoebe to help get to the bottom of Cindy's behaviour.

Friday, July 25

With pressure mounting, will Cindy confess her secret? Blessing is desperate to make up for her blunder, and Mercedes recruits Phoebe to help get to the bottom of Cindy's behaviour.

Monday, July 14

Can Grace convince Trevor to give their relationship another shot? Mercedes concocts a manipulative plan. Is the net closing in on Fraser's killer? And John Paul is nervous about going on his first real date since his attack.

Tuesday, July 15

An argument with Patrick leads to a painful conclusion for Maxine. The police make an arrest in connection with Fraser's murder. Lindsey makes a shock announcement and Ste begs for forgiveness.

Wednesday, July 16

Will Ste take matters into his own hands? Patrick is furious to wake up alone; where is Maxine? Mercedes is uncompromising, while Grace is devastated by Trevor's actions.

Thursday, July 17

Joe makes a brave admission to Freddie. Mercedes is astounded by Lindsey's secret. Maxine makes a bold decision, while Sinead decides she's had enough.

Friday, July 18

Freddie is given an ultimatum. Can Grace forgive Trevor for his betrayal? Sinead's feelings for her forbidden lover grow stronger.

Monday, July 07

Sienna is desperate for answers. When Nana McQueen plays match-matcher, will her efforts be in vain? Sinead ups her game, leaving Tony astounded.

Tuesday, July 08

Sienna proves she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure she stays out of prison while Sinead turns up the heat with Tony. And things are on the up for John Pauls' love life.

Wednesday, July 09

Nancy is forced into a corner, and John Paul and Danny attempt to support Ste. Will Sinead regret her heartless revenge on Diane?

Thursday, July 10

The net closes in on Frasers' murderer, while Sienna continues her search for Nico. Intent on getting her house back, Nana goes to extremes. Elsewhere, Peri goes missing.

Friday, July 11

Sam is hot on the trail of Frasers' murderer. Will Sandy leave the village forever? Will Nana win back the McQueens' home? And is there more to Patrick's generosity than meets the eye?