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Monday, July 11

Ste is in over his head as Cameron continues to lead him in to temptation. Mercedes and Joe are overwhelmed at being parents to Lexi, while Lisa is enraged and out for revenge when she overhears a hushed conversation about her.

Tuesday, July 12

The leavers' party on the boat is in full swing when Peri lets out a spine-chilling scream. Ste's blood runs cold when he can't find his drugs. Tony has second thoughts about going to France when he finds out his job is for a junior chef.

Wednesday, July 13

The Tugboat is searched by police. Harry discovers that Ste is back on drugs. Diane is having last minute nerves about saying goodbye to Rose, while Lisa tells the delighted teens that she's booked everyone tickets to Ibiza.

Thursday, July 14

In this special episode, Harry and Tony lock Ste in the house to fight his drug withdrawal. But when the pain and sickness gets steadily worse, is Ste strong enough to resist temptation one last time?

Friday, July 15

Zack encourages Sonia to follow her dreams at HCC, while Kim will stop at nothing to get her job back. Grace manipulates Esther with a favour that could put her friendship with Kim at risk.

Monday, July 04

When there's a suspected break-in at Nightingale's restaurant, crafty Marnie calls for Mac's help. John Paul is itching to see James, while Liam tells Adam about his latest money-making scheme and they then set about convincing Grace that it's a good idea.

Tuesday, July 05

Tony informs Harry that he and Diane are moving to France for a while. Marnie continues to come between Neeta and Mac. Jesse makes a beeline for his latest love interest, but could this land him in trouble?

Wednesday, July 06

Tony and Diane play Cupid to Harry and Ste, but there's something playing on Ste's mind. A worried Neeta has to force a friend to provide a cover story - what is she hiding?

Thursday, July 07

Ste is struggling with temptation, and when Esther agrees to interview him for a job at The Bean, he enlists Tony's help, but will Ste be in a fit state to cope?

Friday, July 08

Ste is struggling with temptation, and when Esther agrees to interview him for a job at The Bean, he enlists Tony's help, but will Ste be in a fit state to cope?

Monday, June 27

The McQueens prepare for Pete's trial, but where is Reenie when Cleo needs her most? Holly and Nathan's blossoming relationship is put to the test when Cleo is quizzed in court about the circumstances of Rachel's death.

Tuesday, June 28

Will Reenie McQueen's evidence be enough to convince the jury of Pete's guilt, and will she be able to cope with the pressure of cross examination? Cleo packs her bags, and Alfie makes a heart-breaking decision about his relationship with Jade.

Wednesday, June 29

Reenie gives Mercedes a clue that might hold the key to the trial, and it's Pete's turn to take the stand. Cleo finds a confidante in Myra, while Celine and Mercedes race against time to try to find damning evidence against Pete.

Thursday, June 30

When James's former lover, Carter, comes to the village, James needs a favour from reliable John Paul, who meanwhile begins to spin a web of lies to Scott. Nancy's opinion of Adam Donovan turns full circle when he plays the hero in her hour of need.

Friday, July 01

Liam and Jesse come up with a secret scheme to get The Loft thriving again, but will Grace discover the truth? Maxine arrives back from her holiday with some news that will shock the village. James is distracted by seeing Joanne and Carter together - what are they up to?

Monday, June 20

While Alfie prepares to hear more about his treatment, he makes a heart-breaking decision. Nancy and Darren pull out all the stops to end Maxine's romance with Adam. Myra takes a nasty tumble - did she fall or was she pushed?

Tuesday, June 21

The McQueens are divided in their loyalty over Myra's fall. James is up to his old tricks when John Paul asks for help. Tony is suspicious about what power Diane has over Marnie.

Wednesday, June 22

A distraught Peri sees red after a heart-breaking discovery. Marnie reaches breaking point with Diane and Tony - but what schemes does she have up her sleeve? John Paul is told Sally should prepare for the worst.

Thursday, June 23

Reenie returns to Hollyoaks village, and Scott is on cloud nine after taking the next step in his relationship with John Paul. Marnie urges Freddie to talk to Diane, but will Diane just step up her game?

Friday, June 24

Cleo is asked to go to the police station to be prepped for Pete's trial. Nathan's date with Holly is ruined when he gets a call from Rachel's family - will he come clean about Rachel's affair?

Monday, June 13

Diane is left speechless by what she sees at Marnie's flat. Maxine worries that she's let a secret slip, and Grace makes a shocking discovery about Trevor.

Tuesday, June 14

As Grace and Sienna prepare for Trevor's funeral, Grace has another visitor in the village. Nancy and Darren play Cupid with Maxine and Dirk - but what will Cindy say?

Wednesday, June 15

Trevor's funeral descends into chaos. The walls are closing in for Maxine as Sienna is quizzed about her father. Will Grace let her brothers stay in Hollyoaks?

Thursday, June 16

Jade is pining for Alfie, and Mac softens towards Marnie. Darren doesn't approve of Maxine's new love interest - will he put a stop to her fresh chance of romance?

Friday, June 17

It's the day of the sky dive for Alfie and Jade. Cindy will stop at nothing to get Dirk back. Freddie makes a huge mistake, but will he be caught out?

Monday, June 06

Ste makes a discovery about Harry and James, while Cameron is angry when he thinks Leela is out with another man. Lisa is unhappy when Louis questions her behaviour.

Tuesday, June 07

When Louis's suspicions spiral over Lisa, it sparks a breaking point for Simone. Jack and Mac are determined to keep Jade and Alfie apart but the lovestruck teens have other ideas. Fed up with Cameron's angst, Leela decides to have some fun.

Wednesday, June 08

Tegan offers Freddie a shoulder to cry on when she sees him struggling. Mercedes does her best domestic goddess impression. Ste has to dig deep to find strength when Cameron leads him into temptation.

Thursday, June 09

Cameron will stop at nothing to chip away at Ste's will power. Will Leela come clean to Tegan? John Paul desperately tries to avoid Sally, but his attitude might put his career on the line.

Friday, June 10

Mercedes and Joe are faced with a life-changing decision as John Paul prepares to deal with his mistake. Sienna sets her sights on helping Grace, but does she have an ulterior motive?

Monday May 30

It's sentencing day for Cleo and she is nervous as to what the future holds for her. Will Nathan get justice for Rachel? Grace is suspicious when two blasts from her past turn up at her door.

Tuesday, May 31

Cindy goes to great lengths to get Dirk back, while Marnie wants to help her son move on with his life. Maxine is on tenterhooks when DS Thorpe gets friendly with Jack.

Wednesday, June 01

Will Cindy be able to save the day when The Emporium falls foul of the law? How much longer will Cleo be able to keep Holly's secret? Zack's loyalty is torn between Sonia and Lisa.

Thursday, June 02

As a confident Tony prepares for a job interview, Darren suspects Tom has a crush on Jade, while things come to a head between Sonia and Lisa.

Friday, June 03

As a confident Tony prepares for a job interview, Darren suspects Tom has a crush on Jade, while things come to a head between Sonia and Lisa.

Monday May 23

It's Grace's hen party and Sienna makes a life-changing decision. Scott confesses a secret that has heartbreaking results.

Tuesday May 24

Grace's wedding hits a bump in the road. When Nico's world starts to fall apart, she lands someone with a bombshell, while James attempts to woo his latest conquest.

Wednesday May 25

It's the wedding of the year, but will the groom make it in time? Can John Paul do enough to save a relationship?

Thursday May 26

As shocking news spreads across the village, an innocent person finds themselves in trouble. Meanwhile has James made a deal with the devil?

Friday May 27

Ellie decides to play cupid again, but will her arrow hit its target? Celine is forced to become a detective when Cleo tries to outsmart her. Elsewhere, Sienna is rocked when a lie is exposed.

Monday May 16

When Mercedes conjures up another get-rich-quick scheme, she meets her match in an unlikely villager. Pete's ultimatum leaves Cleo conflicted, while Silas and Lindsey's wicked plot is in danger of being foiled.

Tuesday May 17

Cleo has a big decision to make and Kim pleads with a shocked Celine and Tegan for their help, while Mercedes is in for a horrible shock.

Wednesday May 18

Scott has a proposition for John Paul. When a petrified Mercedes bares her soul to her old nemesis, it has devastating effects for someone.

Thursday May 19

A conflicted Freddie has a big decision to make, while things get heated when Myra and Sally St Claire clash. Cleo's actions spark a showdown that exposes a huge secret.

Friday May 20

John Paul decides he's had enough and gets tough, Esther comforts Kim, while Tony and Diane are forced to make a life-changing decision.

Monday, May 09

It's the day of Sienna and Ben's wedding, but is she marrying the wrong man? Marnie plays the wolf in sheep's clothing by making an irresistible suggestion.

Tuesday, May 10

When John Paul reveals something shocking to Ste, it confirms Ste's growing suspicions. Alfie lends a helping hand to Jade, while Tony puts it all on the line in a bid to save The Hutch.

Wednesday, May 11

Scott is heartbroken when he realises John Paul is ashamed of him, while Jade's illness takes a dramatic turn. Ste has an accident, leaving Cameron with a dilemma.

Thursday, May 12

At the hospital, Alfie and Jade face the repercussions for their actions, while Myra and Mrs St Claire lock horns over John Paul. Leela worries about what has happened to Ste.

Friday, May 13

Tony finds himself in hot water when his troubles spiral out of control. Myra thinks Sally is interfering in John Paul's life, leading to a face off. A dangerous villager returns - but what are they up to?

Monday, May 02

Sparks fly when the real Lisa Loveday comes face to face with identity-stealing Sonia, while Grace and Sienna argue over their wedding dress crisis. Kim asks Esther for another chance but does she have an ulterior motive?

Tuesday, May 03

Lisa is refusing to let go of her life with Margaret, but the Lovedays are ready to fight for their daughter. Sienna feels like the walls are closing in as her wedding day draws closer. When Ellie and Freddie play Cupid have they unwittingly put baby JJ in danger?

Wednesday, May 04

Lindsey goes to desperate measures to get closer to JJ, while Freddie and Ellie's attempt at a romantic night in is thwarted. Trevor is shocked to discover that Sienna is babysitting Curtis - what is she up to?

Thursday, May 05

When Sienna rushes to Trevor's aid, will she make him see they're meant to be together? Alfie has a surprise up his sleeve for Jade's last chemo session, but will his plan backfire?

Friday, May 06

Frankie tries everything in her power to keep Alfie and Jade apart, but does the teenager need her soulmate more than Frankie realises? Leela asks Cameron to cover for her at The Loft. And Sienna tells Trevor that he has to decide who he really wants.

Monday, April 25

Scott is devastated after overhearing a private conversation, while Holly realises she needs to make a sacrifice to save Cleo from Pete. Harry is blown away by an indecent proposal... but will he be tempted?

Tuesday, April 26

Manipulative Marnie convinces Scott to take desperate measures to help Tony, while Zack locks horns with James. Ste's temper gets the better of him, but could Cameron end up having the last laugh?

Wednesday, April 27

After a night in the cells, Ste's luck goes from bad to worse as a blast from his past arrives in the village. Scott is playing with fire as he tries to help Tony, while 'Dirty' Harry makes a decision that could ends things with Ste once and for all.

Thursday, April 28

The morning after the night before, foiled fire starter Scott discovers Marnie's true intentions and guilt-ridden Harry has cash in hand - but at what cost? Distrustful Sonia and Zack steal Joanne's laptop, never suspecting the secret they find hidden amongst her emails.

Friday, April 29

Love is in the air as Frankie sets Esther up with an unexpected date, while Bridezilla's Grace and Sienna exchange a war of words; but can Sienna keep her feelings for Trevor under wraps? And as Joanne comes clean, the Loveday's world is rocked by an unexpected arrival.

Monday, April 18

Things turn sinister when the Osbornes receive another blackmail note. Grieving Nathan gets drunk and lashes out at Holly, and Freddie puts his heart on the line to impress Ellie - but will she give him one last chance?

Tuesday, April 19

It's the day of Rachel's funeral and Nathan is overwhelmed with emotion. Marnie warns Freddie to stay away from her daughter, and Kim is a nervous wreck waiting for Lindsey to pounce.

Wednesday, April 20

Esther encourages Kim to do the right thing, and Leela's new business venture is a success until Ste meddles with his ulterior motives. Nathan demands that Cleo face justice.

Thursday, April 21

Cleo struggles to deal with the fall-out from the crash, but when Pete tempts her with an offer, will she be able to resist? Simone is knocked for six when she returns to a nightmare in her home. Kim gets another text from Lindsey - what will she do?

Friday, April 22

Tony watches helplessly as The Hutch crumbles. Myra warns Sally to stay away from their son. When Holly's suspicions over Cleo grow, nothing prepares her for what she discovers.

Monday, April 11

Sienna worries that Nico is on to her as she tries to get a confession. Simone and Louis try to patch things up, but there's a huge shock in store for them when a secret is finally revealed.

Tuesday, April 12

The Lovedays are in crisis following the shock revelation. Sienna and Trevor's illicit love affair hots up, but is Grace about to catch them red-handed? Ste and Harry vow to cheer up Grace, with hilarious consequences.

Wednesday, April 13

Louis, Simone and DS Thorpe turn up to interrogate Joanne. Sienna and Trevor plan to leave Hollyoaks together - will they get their happy ending? Ste and Harry contemplate a night sleeping rough.

Thursday, April 14

Darren's concerned about Maxine - can she keep quiet about their terrible secret? Joanne meets up with Margaret, who abducted Lisa all those years ago. James catches Ste and Harry in a bind.

Friday, April 15

Darren and Nancy worry that someone knows their secret - who could it be? Marnie warns Freddie to stay away from Ellie. Esther cringes as Frankie tries to put her own stamp on The Magic Bean.

Monday, April 04

Darren spins a web of lies when he's caught out. A furious Freddie overhears a hushed conversation, and Mercedes's suspicions are growing, but will her fears be taken seriously?

Tuesday, April 05

Kim's world begins to crumble when she realises she has been betrayed. Joe prepares a romantic setting for his proposal unaware he is in grave danger. Tegan and Celine join forces in a bid to get revenge.

Wednesday, April 06

Esther fights for Kim's innocence, Joe is derailed by Mercedes's latest claims and Lindsey's escape from Hollyoaks takes a wicked turn.

Thursday, April 07

The Osbornes wait for Frankie to return, unaware of what's happened. Meanwhile Esther attempts to be the hero and Lindsey threatens to kill again.

Friday, April 08

As Frankie's life hangs in the balance, will Lindsey make her great escape? When his romantic gesture turns sour, Zack comes clean about his true feelings. Cindy attempts to play cupid.

Monday, March 28

It's a race against time for Holly as she puts her life in danger to follow her heart. Robbie and Jason have an important decision to make, and hot newcomer Liam sets pulses galloping when he meets Tegan and Celine.

Tuesday, March 29

Following a high-speed chase, there's terror as a car explodes - but who's trapped inside? Celine wastes no time in showing the new villager to the hot tub, but could there be romance on the cards for Tegan too?

Wednesday, March 30

Alfie prepares for his first chemo session, and Jade has news about her own diagnosis. Liam ends up in a pickle when his double-crossing is finally exposed. Freddie has his heart set on Ellie, but does she feel the same?

Thursday, March 31

Celine is determined to get her man, but a surprising intervention leaves her heartbroken. Lindsey's on edge when Esther comes clean about her visit to Kath, and a canny Marnie advises Ellie not to trust Freddie.

Friday, April 1

Mercedes arrives back in the village, and she wants answers. Kim is terrified that Lindsey is feeling murderous again. Freddie plans to take Ellie on another date, but Marnie gives him food for thought - what hold does she have over him?

Monday, March 21

Louis is in shock as his suspicions about Joanne spiral out of control. A case of mistaken identity has embarrassing repercussions for Ste, while Jason is heartbroken after yet another revelation.

Tuesday, March 22

Tensions run high in The Hutch as Jason clashes with Holly and the Savages. Loyal Simone supports her husband's claims, while Kim asks Esther for a special favour.

Wednesday, March 23

Lisa tries to come clean about her true identity, while Ste and Harry's relationship is put to the test. Esther is shocked to discover a surprising secret about Lindsey.

Thursday, March 24

It's the day Alfie has been dreading as he finds out his test results. Rachel is feeling guilty about going behind the Nightingales' backs, while Ellie offers Cindy a beauty treatment, but Marnie has other ideas.

Friday, March 25

The Nightingales pull together after their recent revelation. Marnie overhears a hushed conversation and uses it to her advantage, while Holly is left shell-shocked by Robbie's life-changing suggestion.

Monday, March 14

John Paul deceives Mrs St Claire, but who is his hot new mystery man? Cameron catches Tegan in a tricky situation and is determined to discover what she's hiding, while Tony resorts to desperate measures to try to save The Hutch.

Tuesday, March 15

John Paul is on edge, worried that someone has a crush on him - but can he avoid his admirer? Darren is anxious when Tony's new business venture threatens to expose dark secrets, while disaster strikes as Scott clowns around in The Hutch.

Wednesday, March 16

Myra is stunned by her shocking discovery, while Alfie tries to do the right thing when he's faced with the return of his cancer. John Paul helps pick up the pieces and discovers there's more to happy-go-lucky Scott than he first thought.

Thursday, March 17

Joanne threatens to expose Lisa's secret identity, while suspicious Diego is stunned to discover Myra's been twisting the truth. There's heartbreak on the cards for Scott, while Alfie and Jade stand united in their fight against cancer.

Friday, March 18

Myra braces herself for a financial windfall, but will her plans ruin Tony for good? Rachel pushes Alfie to tell his family the truth, while Lisa pleads with Joanne to keep her secrets - but has Joanne said too much to suspicious Louis?

Monday, March 07

Cameron's jealousy spirals out of control as he feels Peri slipping away from him. John Paul gives Diego and Myra a relationship ultimatum. Dangerous Nico has her murderous eye on Theresa - can Theresa save herself?

Tuesday, March 08

Peri reveals her deepest feelings when she and Tom have a heart-to-heart. Grace sees red and vows to kill her love rival, and Trevor makes a shocking discovery.

Wednesday, March 09

Trevor is terrified the village will find out about his forbidden fling, and Grace puts on a poker face to hide her heartbreak. John Paul is stunned that Diego and Myra are taking their relationship to the next level.

Thursday, March 10

A twisted Cameron puts Ste in the firing line with his latest wicked scheme. Trevor is conflicted when a photo of his son pulls on his heart-strings. Mrs St Claire tries to ease John Paul's loneliness - does she have secret feelings for him?

Friday, March 11

Darren offers desperate Tony a lifeline after hearing of his financial troubles. Scott comes up with a hilarious money-making scheme, and Diego encourages John Paul to start afresh, but is he ready to let go of the past?

Monday, February 29

Jade makes a terrible discovery at the cancer support day. As the villagers reel after the arrest of another suspect in the hospital killings, Lindsey comes face to face with a sinister visitor. James manipulates Scott into a plan that could spell disaster for The Hutch.

Tuesday, March 01

Alfie's in the firing line as Darren tries to get to the bottom of Jade's missing money. Lisa tries to ignore her feelings for Zack when Simone sets him up on a dating site. Nathan's blood boils when he learns of James and Marnie's plans to sabotage The Hutch.

Wednesday, March 02

As things get steamy between Zack and Lisa, Simone uncovers a shocking secret. In a bid to make amends for the missing money, Darren falls back into old habits. Tony goes to desperate lengths to save The Hutch, and Alfie makes a heart-breaking discovery.

Thursday, March 03

Lisa worries her secret will be blown when a familiar face returns. As Ben desperately tries to find a new kidney donor for Nico, Nico secretly begins to wonder whether the solution is right in front of her. When Grace struggles to be sympathetic about Trevor's PTSD, he finds himself getting closer to Sienna.

Friday, March 04

For how long can Sienna and Trevor resist their feelings for each other? Joanne manipulates her way back in with the Lovedays. As Nico puts a murderous plan into action, who will be her next victim?