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Monday, September 07

A disastrous mistake sends Jason on a downward spiral. As Leela's lie grows, she finds herself going to extraordinary measures. Meanwhile, after a shock revelation, Kim gives herself an unexpected make-over.

Tuesday, September 08

An unwanted visitor threatens to turn Trevor's world upside down. Elsewhere, it's Lindsey's 30th birthday and the Roscoes are in high spirits until a misunderstanding leads to an unsettling consequence. Darren decides to trust his instinct and seeks the help of an old friend.

Wednesday, September 09

Jason puts his heart on the line, meanwhile Robbie finds himself in the centre of a sinister scheme - can he keep silent? Louis' concerns for Nico grow as he gives Sienna an unwelcome suggestion. Meanwhile Patrick gears up for an investors' reception at the school, but will all go to plan?

Thursday, September 10

Trevor takes drastic measures to uncover the truth, putting someone in grave danger. Meanwhile, Sienna is anxious that Nico will crack under pressure. As chaos erupts at the investors' reception, a secret looks set to be exposed.

Friday, September 11

Lisa's blood runs cold when a blast from the past returns to the village, meanwhile Nico and Sienna lock horns over Ben. An unexpected phone call sends shivers down Reenie's spine.

Monday, August 31

At the end of his tether, Tom sets a revenge plan in motion that's set to send ripples through the village. Tony pulls out all the stops to impress Diane, and Harry feels his crush is slipping through his fingers - what will he do?

Tuesday, September 01

Peri is left in an agonising situation when a dark secret is exposed. Ziggy shares a stolen kiss with someone he shouldn't. Will Celine get to declare her feelings before it's too late?

Wednesday, September 02

As Celine's self-esteem crumbles, Pete is satisfied that he has her in his clutches. Meanwhile, it's decision time for Peri and Tom. After a passionate moment, Tegan is overjoyed - but how long will her happiness last?

Thursday, September 03

As Harry thinks he's finally going to get what he wants, Nico is determined to settle the score on a tragedy close to her heart. Meanwhile, Kim's evil doings come back to haunt her.

Friday, September 04

Nico's quest for the truth leaves her in grave danger. Leela's lie is put under pressure, but will she come clean to Ziggy? As Robbie and Holly get closer, will Jason be able to control his jealousy?

Monday, August 24

Dylan's blood runs cold when he realises he's made a massive mistake. A frustrated Darren is left heartbroken. Cameron asks Celine to take their relationship to the next level, but why is she so hesitant?

Tuesday, August 25

Dylan is gutted to be left betrayed on his big day, Esther makes the biggest decision of her life, and a high-speed car chase has explosive consequences.

Wednesday, August 26

Tegan wants to cut all ties, but will she follow her head or her heart? A mortified Celine comes face to face with a love rival who needs her help. Frankie and Jack get a call that changes their lives.

Thursday, August 27

Cameron catches someone red-handed, but will he keep quiet? Nico's behaviour causes Sienna grave concern. Tom resorts to sinister blackmail to get what he wants.

Friday, August 28

An unwitting Diane is in danger, but from whom? Ste shares a forbidden kiss with an unlikely villager. Is Cameron's confession about to be exposed?