Monday, August 08

Joe's world is turned upside down when he discovers Mercedes and Diego's secret texts. Warren and Freddie come up with a plan to save the garage from repossession. Alfie and Jade ditch Mac for some time alone, while Joanne plans her revenge on Liam.

Tuesday, August 09

Legal eagle Joanne offers Joe the benefit of her advice. When Mercedes, Myra and Celine break in to a high-end babywear shop, their heist doesn't quite go to plan. Alfie and Jade agree to sleep together but is it what they both really want? Warren finds a buyer for the camper van but will it be enough to save the garage?

Wednesday, August 10

Will Joanne succeed in her attempt to seduce Joe? Marnie scuppers Jade's plans to give Alfie a night to remember. Mac and Sally end up in a camper van bidding war, and Warren is furious when Freddie reduces his share of the profits.

Thursday, August 11

Ellie and Freddie decide to move in together but is their bubble about to burst? The garage is sold, but who is the new owner? James and Joanne have a bet on who can split up a relationship first, while Amy arrives back in the village with some disappointing news from Cindy.

Friday, August 12

The Nightingale family descend into chaos. Ste struggles to cope on his first day out after rehab and he lashes out when he finds a stranger looming over Leah - but is all as it seems?

Monday, August 01

Diego's sister Maria shows up at the McQueens' with a hidden agenda. Mac is arrested for assaulting Neeta, but who called the police? Nathan mistakenly thinks Cleo asked him on a date. Kim and Esther try on wedding dresses. Jack deals with secrets from his past.

Tuesday, August 02

The Donovans officially open the salon. Cleo doesn't want a big 18th birthday celebration, but Lisa has other ideas. Grace and Frankie team up to sabotage Esther's wedding. Nathan makes a move on Cleo. Meanwhile, Myra is onto Maria and wants answers.

Wednesday, August 03

Esther and Kim race to make their wedding happen. Mercedes goes to desperate lengths to protect her family. Nathan flirts with Lisa to repair his friendship with Cleo, but will it work? Joanne and Liam have an unexpected rendezvous.

Thursday, August 04

Mercedes exposes Maria's betrayal. Jesse forces Grace to go to the wedding - with handcuffs! Kim doubts Esther's feelings for her - will she go through with the wedding? Nathan's surprised to see another side of Lisa. Joanne can't take a hint from Liam.

Friday, August 05

Joe rails against Freddie for losing the garage. Mercedes threatens to reveal Diego's lies to Myra. Esther confronts Grace over her involvement in Kim's disappearance. Joanne loses her mother but finds a potential new man.

Monday, July 25

It looks like the end of the road for Maxine and Warren, but can Sienna tempt him to stay? Nico and Peri set off alone on a camping trip. Darren and Nancy make a shock discovery that could see their world come crashing down. Mac is keeping an eye on Neeta at the salon, but has Jesse got revenge in mind?

Tuesday, July 26

It's a race against time for Nancy and Darren as they try to cover their tracks, but will Sienna finally uncover the truth about her father's body? Peri and Nico's fun in the bunker ends in disaster. Neeta helps the Donovans gear up for the salon opening, while Marnie has an idea.

Wednesday, July 27

Peri is in grave danger, will help arrive soon? Maxine faces tough questioning at the station as Darren and Nancy go through a testing ordeal. Marnie drags Ellie into her plan to break up Neeta and Mac.

Thursday, July 28

Cameron, Leela, Sienna and Warren team up to find the teens. Nico, confesses her darkest secrets to Peri. Alfie worries about his PET scan results as he and Jade assist in the search for Peri and Nico.

Friday, July 29

Darren allows Maxine and Minnie to stay, much to Nancy's annoyance. Mac is becoming more conscious of the age gap between him and Neeta. As the Osbornes begin a hate campaign against Warren, will it be what finally pushes him to leave Hollyoaks?

Monday, July 18

When Cleo gets a job at The Dog, she finds herself getting closer to Nathan. Grace offers Esther an intriguing proposal, while Kim's life is in danger when she collapses in a trance-like state.

Tuesday, July 19

Celine tries desperately to get through to Kim. Peri continues her cruel campaign. Zack has an ultimatum for his parents - will they give him what he wants, even if it pushes Lisa away?

Wednesday, July 20

Peri plays Cupid for Jade and Alfie, but does she have an ulterior motive? Cleo tells Nathan to forgive Holly or forget her - what will he decide?

Thursday, July 21

Maxine is resisting temptation with her new man, while Warren is angry when James demands his payment. Kim throws a dinner party with disastrous results, and Jack begs someone to stay away from his family.

Friday, July 22

Maxine is ready to open up to her new man, but will she say too much? Warren's emotions are out of control, and Jade finally stands up for herself, with Alfie's help.

Monday, July 11

Ste is in over his head as Cameron continues to lead him in to temptation. Mercedes and Joe are overwhelmed at being parents to Lexi, while Lisa is enraged and out for revenge when she overhears a hushed conversation about her.

Tuesday, July 12

The leavers' party on the boat is in full swing when Peri lets out a spine-chilling scream. Ste's blood runs cold when he can't find his drugs. Tony has second thoughts about going to France when he finds out his job is for a junior chef.

Wednesday, July 13

The Tugboat is searched by police. Harry discovers that Ste is back on drugs. Diane is having last minute nerves about saying goodbye to Rose, while Lisa tells the delighted teens that she's booked everyone tickets to Ibiza.

Thursday, July 14

In this special episode, Harry and Tony lock Ste in the house to fight his drug withdrawal. But when the pain and sickness gets steadily worse, is Ste strong enough to resist temptation one last time?

Friday, July 15

Zack encourages Sonia to follow her dreams at HCC, while Kim will stop at nothing to get her job back. Grace manipulates Esther with a favour that could put her friendship with Kim at risk.

Monday, July 04

When there's a suspected break-in at Nightingale's restaurant, crafty Marnie calls for Mac's help. John Paul is itching to see James, while Liam tells Adam about his latest money-making scheme and they then set about convincing Grace that it's a good idea.

Tuesday, July 05

Tony informs Harry that he and Diane are moving to France for a while. Marnie continues to come between Neeta and Mac. Jesse makes a beeline for his latest love interest, but could this land him in trouble?

Wednesday, July 06

Tony and Diane play Cupid to Harry and Ste, but there's something playing on Ste's mind. A worried Neeta has to force a friend to provide a cover story - what is she hiding?

Thursday, July 07

Ste is struggling with temptation, and when Esther agrees to interview him for a job at The Bean, he enlists Tony's help, but will Ste be in a fit state to cope?

Friday, July 08

Ste is struggling with temptation, and when Esther agrees to interview him for a job at The Bean, he enlists Tony's help, but will Ste be in a fit state to cope?

Monday, June 27

The McQueens prepare for Pete's trial, but where is Reenie when Cleo needs her most? Holly and Nathan's blossoming relationship is put to the test when Cleo is quizzed in court about the circumstances of Rachel's death.

Tuesday, June 28

Will Reenie McQueen's evidence be enough to convince the jury of Pete's guilt, and will she be able to cope with the pressure of cross examination? Cleo packs her bags, and Alfie makes a heart-breaking decision about his relationship with Jade.

Wednesday, June 29

Reenie gives Mercedes a clue that might hold the key to the trial, and it's Pete's turn to take the stand. Cleo finds a confidante in Myra, while Celine and Mercedes race against time to try to find damning evidence against Pete.

Thursday, June 30

When James's former lover, Carter, comes to the village, James needs a favour from reliable John Paul, who meanwhile begins to spin a web of lies to Scott. Nancy's opinion of Adam Donovan turns full circle when he plays the hero in her hour of need.

Friday, July 01

Liam and Jesse come up with a secret scheme to get The Loft thriving again, but will Grace discover the truth? Maxine arrives back from her holiday with some news that will shock the village. James is distracted by seeing Joanne and Carter together - what are they up to?



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