Tuesday, January 02

Grace might have messed with the wrong people when thugs destroy The Bean, while Mandy thinks Luke is back drinking. Prince upsets Lily again, and Darcy returns to her mischievous ways.

Wednesday, January 03

Glenn gives Grace an ultimatum, Diane is fundraising for the school library, and James digs up some dirt on Sami.

Thursday, January 04

Myra and Leela are stunned when Diane reveals some home truths, but Myra has a plan. Meanwhile, Ellie and Sami get close.

Friday, January 05

James is delighted when Harry offers to be his date to a work event and things go well when the client takes a keen eye to Harry.

Wednesday, December 27

Granny Campbell continues to undermine Courtney, but Courtney takes it out on those who care about her the most. Brody has to choose between Maggie and Damon, while Scott is worried about losing Damon.

Thursday, December 28

Maggie wants to take Damon and Brody on a cruise, but Damon refuses to go if Scott isn't invited. Joel confides in Sienna that he still cares about Cleo. She encourages him to try to win her back - but is it too late?

Friday, December 29

In a double length episode, Adam convinces Esther to tell Grace that she still has feelings for her, and it's Tom's 18th birthday celebrations at The Loft, but Nancy and Mandy get competitive. Jack reminisces about Frankie, and Darcy's eyes light up when she hears about Tom's seven-figure trust fund - what could she be planning?

Monday, December 18

Tony and Diane end up arguing at the carol concert, while Luke and Mandy cross wires. Ryan is worried by new information regarding Amy's murder case, and James is intrigued by Sami.

Tuesday, December 19

Ryan collapses in front of Ste and Tegan. Tegan wants to have some fun and find out more about Ryan, so uses a hospital heart monitor as a lie detector test. And James lets Harry stay with him.

Wednesday, December 20

Harry and Ste get close but can Ste find it in his heart to forget what he believes Harry did to Amy? Milo thinks he's rid of Armstrong, but Armstrong comes up with another idea. And Misbah makes Imran get a job.

Thursday, December 21

Cindy asks Milo to spend Christmas with the Cunninghams, while Jesse confesses his love for Courtney. And Imran is developing a major crush.

Friday, December 22

It's a Christmas double episode of Hollyoaks. Jesse waits for a response from Courtney on Christmas Day after confessing his love, while Damon and Brody's fancy dress party brings drama and secrets.

Monday, December 11

Darren brings Jack back from hospital, while Luke is still obsessing over Mark Gibbs. Sienna thinks Joel is working with Warren and lashes out when he takes Sebastian for a walk, and Sienna is shocked by a discovery.

Tuesday, December 12

Grace can't resist Glenn's charms, and Sienna plans a day out. But all is not as it seems when Maggie and Joel find Sienna. Luke puts on a front but has a sinister plan involving Mark.

Wednesday, December 13

Diane is reaching the end of her tether with Tony's behaviour, and James is worried when Tony suggests telling all about Harry. Maxine and Nancy team up to teach Darcy a lesson.

Thursday, December 14

Diane begs Tony to open up to her but he's busy preparing for his fancy dress throwback party. Cindy tries her luck with Tony, and an old face returns. Tom and Holly do some detective work and find out that Milo isn't as he seems.

Friday, December 15

Holly and Tom question why Milo has been hiding information. He eventually opens up, but will he reveal the whole truth?

Monday, December 04

Prince and Sally help each other out in the romance department, while Cindy struggles to trust Dirk, who also makes a big mistake. Sami is desperate to help James at work, while also getting close to Ellie.

Tuesday, December 05

Sally gives Myra some home truths, while Cindy is relieved to find Dirk in the village. Prince makes a big decision, Ellie tries to talk Holly round, and James gives Sami a job.

Wednesday, December 06

Maxine returns and bumps into a festive Adam and Darcy. Tony and Diane dispute over Prince's plans, while Yasmine tells Kim a bit too much information. And Kim and Farrah decide to move in together - but what will Misbah think?

Thursday, December 07

Glenn starts his plan to get Maxine and Adam back together, but will it end in tears? Maxine takes part in the singles night that she's organised and gets matched with private investigator Jordan.

Friday, December 08

Misbah puts her foot down when Kim turns up at the Maaliks' to move in - but who will get their way? Joel sets up an alarm system at the flat, but Sienna freaks out when she unknowingly triggers it herself. She races to the garage, where she makes a shocking discovery.


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