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Monday, September 11

Lisa is still uncertain about being a surrogate, while Lily is devastated by future plans and begins to rebel.

Tuesday, September 12

Lily gets drunk with Prince, and Brody gets himself into a tricky situation. Meanwhile, Grace is feeling down but Tracey gives her some words of encouragement.

Wednesday, September 13

Sienna and Kim continue lying, but will they get caught this time? Meanwhile, Brody makes a wise decision.

Thursday, September 14

Warren is suspicious of Sienna's actions, and Nancy lashes out at Darren. Later, Darren is tempted by old habits...

Friday, September 15

Grace is feeling confident, and Darren confides in Jack. Meanwhile, Joel questions Cleo's feelings.

Monday, September 04

Ste's trial begins, while Tegan and Ryan get close. Tony and Diane have been left in the lurch by Marnie, but someone may be able to help...

Tuesday, September 05

Tony and Mike Barnes are brought to the stand, while Tegan is suspicious that Leah and Lucas are hiding something.

Wednesday, September 06

A flashback reveals more of the events from the night Amy died. Tony unburdens his concerns, while James has a proposition.

Thursday, September 07

Zack books a fancy meal for himself and Leela at Nightingale's, but it all goes wrong. Meanwhile, concerns rise about Leah and Lucas's living arrangements.

Friday, September 08

Zack encourages Lisa to go for it with Brody, while Lily continues to struggle.

Monday, August 28

Cindy continues to be terrorised and someone tries to break into the Cunninghams'. Hunter sneaks into The Dog flat to surprise Neeta, but leaves angrily when he realises something...

Tuesday, August 29

Dirk hears a voicemail from Cindy and rushes home, while Hunter gets an interview at art college in Edinburgh. Later, Neeta snaps at Mac and he is suspicious.

Wednesday, August 30

Neeta steals from The Dog but Mac blames Prince. Meanwhile, Damon offers to teach Ellie and Holly self-defence but Holly freaks out.

Thursday, August 31

Hunter and Neeta prepare to go on a date to Beeston in Mac's car, while Mandy gets a visitor. Later, Tegan visits Ste in hospital and he gives her a letter for Ryan.

Friday, September 01

Harry puts on a positive front, and he and Tony bond over fond memories of Ste. Damon comes up with a fun idea to make it up to Holly, which includes a fat suit and boxing gloves!

Monday, August 21

Darren plans to take Shane down while Mandy panics over a letter from social services. Brody is sabotaging Scott's plans, while Sienna tricks Warren.

Tuesday, August 22

Shane discovers somebody is setting him up and takes action, while Mandy is disappointed by Luke again. Farrah urges Scott to be honest to Damon, and Prince and Nancy are planning to surprise their other halves.

Wednesday, August 23

Prince wants nothing more to do with Shane, while Tony is a helping hand for Mandy. Tom is suspicious of Darren while Kim and Farrah continue to sneak around.

Thursday, August 24

Prince ruins his chances of getting back into school while Darren is wracked with guilt.

Friday, August 25

Prince confides in Lily, while Yasmine harasses Cindy. Later, Cindy is panicked when she receives a creepy phone call.

Monday, August 14

Darcy has Adam and Jesse on her side, much to Maxine's annoyance. Warren supports Sienna, and someone has their eye on Hunter. Meanwhile, Courtney urges Tegan to get a job.

Tuesday, August 15

Kim is at Sienna's side, while Grace is determined to get revenge on Darcy. Tegan goes job hunting and Neeta is jealous over Hunter.

Wednesday, August 16

Warren is struggling to cope with his blackmailer and goes too far when he begins pointing the finger at other villagers, but will he eventually figure things out?

Thursday, August 17

Tom borrows Darren's car and is pulled over by the police, while Brody and Damon have their eye on a certain lady. Tegan is a hero for Yasmine.

Friday, August 18

Joel gets protective over Cleo, while Brody isn't keen on Scott.

Monday, August 07

Cindy is alarmed over news of Armstrong, and Dirk has a plan. Zack feels under pressure, while Hunter and Neeta's day out is ruined. Meanwhile, Luke covers for Darren.

Tuesday, August 08

Hunter gets caught red-handed, while Holly and Cindy are suspicious about Dirk's actions. Leela plans an exciting day for her and Zack, but he's still feeling stressed.

Wednesday, August 09

Hunter plans a surprise for Neeta, while the Donovans get an unexpected visit. Cindy is suffering, and Marnie turns to Myra for support.

Thursday, August 10

Mac and Neeta have a serious talk, while Tegan and Leela search for information on Courtney's baby. Marnie tricks James.

Friday, August 11

Maxine plans a dinner party for the family but things quickly turn chaotic. Neeta is made to feel guilty by Mac, and then she gives Hunter some devastating news.

Monday, July 31

Yasmine goes a step too far with Lily while Harry turns to alcohol to heal his pain. Misbah worries about Farrah and Scott gets a job.

Tuesday, August 01

Harry gives Ste something to live for, while Diane tells Misbah some home truths. Lisa is furious when Scott steals one of her ideas.

Wednesday, August 02

Ryan visits Ste in hospital and Damon gets a date but it all goes wrong. Leela and Zack spend the night at the Lovedays.

Thursday, August 03

No episode this evening

Friday, August 04

Cindy is spooked by something she sees. Zack finds looking after Daniel a bit overwhelming and James tries to explain himself to Armstrong.

Monday, July 24

Grace prepares to take down her and Warren's blackmailer and Alfie tries to help Lily and Prince. Sally surprises Neeta with a ticket to Ibiza and Darren gets a blast from the past.

Tuesday, July 25

Grace reveals too much as the trip to Ibiza begins. Meanwhile, Darren discovers more than he expected.

Wednesday, July 26

Warren tells Grace his true feelings whie Alfie and Tom tease Hunter. Prince is keen to make his relationship with Lily work, and Darren lies to Nancy about his whereabouts.

Thursday, July 27

Ellie and Brody continue to flirt, while Holly feels uncomfortable. Shane messes things up once again and Warren flips out about another note. Later, Kim faces a big change in her life.

Friday, July 28

Everyone arrives back from Ibiza and Neeta has a decision to make. Harry gets a letter that sends him spiraling out of control and Tegan tells Farrah more than she should.

Monday, July 17

Armstrong convinces Cindy to do a talk about powerful women in Liverpool, and Leela tries to warn Cindy about Armstrong. Scott goes searching for his brother, while Simone is bonding with baby Daniel. Meanwhile, Marnie gets a blast from her past.

Tuesday, July 18

Cindy is alone at the hotel in Liverpool with DS Armstrong, while Scott opens up about his past. Simone gets emotional when babysitting Daniel, and Marnie is in for a treat.

Wednesday, July 19

Milo uncovers a tattoo on his back with a cryptic message that suggests a dark secret.

Thursday, July 20

Zack suggests a big step in his and Leela's relationship, and Sienna is frightened when a note gets pushed through the door. Meanwhile, Marnie is up to her old tricks - but karma gets the better of her.

Friday, July 21

Warren gets a threatening text, while Sienna is rushed to hospital. Hunter covers a shift at The Dog and sees the real Mac. Meanwhile, Prince surprises Lily with a present.

Monday, July 10

Granny Campbell wants Courtney to come back to Scotland and Grace freaks Warren out. Darren plans a special foreign film night for Nancy, but when Kyle calls asking for them to visit, he begins to panic.

Tuesday, July 11

Darren and Nancy go to visit Kyle, but Nancy is worried about his welfare. Tom and Alfie get the wrong end of the stick at The Loft and Courtney makes a big decision.

Wednesday, July 12

Tom and Alfie cover for Darren, while Armstrong acts as Cindy's protector. Holly gets a shock when she receives a letter from Jude inviting her and Nick to Ibiza. Holly confides in Ellie and invites her to take Nick's place.

Thursday, July 13

Shane is on to Darren, while Leela worries about Cindy. Dirk gets a call about Liberty, and Scott comes home from hospital.

Friday, July 14

Cindy hires Leela as her cleaner, but Leela has a motive. Darren is tempted by money from Shane, while Farrah visits Scott. Meanwhile, Myra uses Mac to motivate Marnie.


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