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  Monday, January 29

Damon gets a surprise visitor in the village. Imran's irritation towards his mother is becoming more extreme. Grace and Trigger's plan backfires.

Tuesday, January 30

Cindy is shocked to discover that Glenn is Grace's boyfriend, while Misbah is furious when she realises that Imran sold her necklace to buy a new bike. Damon is a little wary about the new arrival.

Wednesday, 31 January

Tegan is still in a coma, but Leela thinks there was more to the night they found her so goes to investigate. Milo helps Alfie with his fundraising idea, while Sami and Ellie rekindle their romance.

Thursday, 1st February

Ryan faces another tricky situation in a bid to keep his secret safe. Peri continues to lie about being pregnant, while Farrah questions Kim about Sami.

Friday, 2nd February

Sally and Myra arrange Bart's wake at The Dog but Myra gets a wandering eye, which doesn't please Sally. Peri begins to lie to her mum and Prince just as an old face returns.

Monday, January 22

Mandy and her hens prepare for the happiest day of her life, while Scarlett threatens to ruin the wedding. Maggie fulfils her bucket list with help from Damon, but it ends badly.

Tuesday, January 23

Darren's lies leave Nancy heartbroken again. Darcy makes her move on Jack but is interrupted, while Damon is furious to find his mum at the police station.

Wednesday, January 24

Nancy asks Darren to consider counselling, while Zack persuades Holly to visit Harry. Tension runs high when Brody and Damon visit Maggie in hospital, and Maxine warns Darcy not to hurt the Osbornes.

Thursday, January 25

Brody and Damon are confused by Scott's behaviour and Grace wants to celebrate Trevor's 40th birthday, despite Glenn's opinion. Zack and Holly fall out over Harry.

Friday, January 26

Milo shuts the door on Dirk, but Dirk doesn't want to give up without a fight. And Glenn is furious with Grace.

Monday, January 15

Grace makes a big mistake when she tries to take control of Glenn's job. Granny is pressuring Courtney again, and Damon runs away from his troubles.

Tuesday, January 16

Grace puts Jesse in a dangerous position, while Courtney has an important visit to the flat. Maggie opens up to Scott, and Ryan has some questions for Ste.

Wednesday, January 17

Granny Campbell has a plan to sabotage Courtney, while Luke and Darren get a lead. And just when Nancy thinks she can get one over on Shane, he drops a bombshell.

Thursday, January 18

Luke makes another mistake, which jeopardises his and Mandy's relationship. Tom's inheritance comes through and Darcy puts her plan into action. And Simone becomes suspicious of Shane.

Friday, January 19

Mandy's focus lies on getting Ella back, while Simone is on Shane's case. Adam agrees to let Darcy see Toby, but he's unaware of her plan.



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