Monday, December 11

Darren brings Jack back from hospital, while Luke is still obsessing over Mark Gibbs. Sienna thinks Joel is working with Warren and lashes out when he takes Sebastian for a walk, and Sienna is shocked by a discovery.

Tuesday, December 12

Grace can't resist Glenn's charms, and Sienna plans a day out. But all is not as it seems when Maggie and Joel find Sienna. Luke puts on a front but has a sinister plan involving Mark.

Wednesday, December 13

Diane is reaching the end of her tether with Tony's behaviour, and James is worried when Tony suggests telling all about Harry. Maxine and Nancy team up to teach Darcy a lesson.

Thursday, December 14

Diane begs Tony to open up to her but he's busy preparing for his fancy dress throwback party. Cindy tries her luck with Tony, and an old face returns. Tom and Holly do some detective work and find out that Milo isn't as he seems.

Friday, December 15

Holly and Tom question why Milo has been hiding information. He eventually opens up, but will he reveal the whole truth?

Monday, December 04

Prince and Sally help each other out in the romance department, while Cindy struggles to trust Dirk, who also makes a big mistake. Sami is desperate to help James at work, while also getting close to Ellie.

Tuesday, December 05

Sally gives Myra some home truths, while Cindy is relieved to find Dirk in the village. Prince makes a big decision, Ellie tries to talk Holly round, and James gives Sami a job.

Wednesday, December 06

Maxine returns and bumps into a festive Adam and Darcy. Tony and Diane dispute over Prince's plans, while Yasmine tells Kim a bit too much information. And Kim and Farrah decide to move in together - but what will Misbah think?

Thursday, December 07

Glenn starts his plan to get Maxine and Adam back together, but will it end in tears? Maxine takes part in the singles night that she's organised and gets matched with private investigator Jordan.

Friday, December 08

Misbah puts her foot down when Kim turns up at the Maaliks' to move in - but who will get their way? Joel sets up an alarm system at the flat, but Sienna freaks out when she unknowingly triggers it herself. She races to the garage, where she makes a shocking discovery.

Monday, November 27

Marnie is concerned about Mac but Ellie puts his behaviour down to Neeta's memorial. Cleo is worried when Hunter decides he's going to defy Mac, and Lisa plays hard to get with Brody - but it all backfires.

Tuesday, November 28

Myra promises to film Neeta's memorial for Hunter, unaware he's planning to attend. And Lisa stands Brody up to help Cleo find Hunter.

Wednesday, November 29

Marnie attempts to seduce a confession out of Mac about the explosion. Later, Mac finds Lisa in The Dog flat and gets aggressive when she turns him down. A revelation from the school explosion is discovered, and James riles up Hunter.

Thursday, November 30

Holly returns from Mexico but still can't bring herself to forgive Dirk. The Christmas grotto has been set up in the village, and Holly and Damon find themselves getting closer, but when Holly freaks out, Dirk begins to worry.

Friday, December 01

Dirk, dressed as Santa, spies on Holly and Damon to make sure she's ok. Damon confronts Dirk at the Christmas light switch-on, and everyone is shocked when Santa Dirk loses his temper.

Monday, November 20

Louis and Leela are frantic when baby Daniel goes missing, while Mandy worries that Luke might still be drinking. Jack struggles to cope with the loss of Frankie.

Tuesday, November 21

Mandy and Luke spend a lovely day in Chester, but something causes Luke to suddenly rush off. Maggie tries to make amends when Scott is discharged from hospital, and Jack goes overboard with the funeral planning.

Wednesday, November 22

Mandy panics when Luke goes missing, and Damon turns his back on Maggie. Darren is furious with Jack, but when he confronts him, they both end up trapped.

Thursday, November 23

A familiar face returns for Frankie's funeral, and Marnie helps Alfie when Barbarella goes missing. Luke begs Mandy for another chance.

Friday, November 24

Esther is distraught when Frankie's wake descends into chaos. Hunter and Sally bond over their love for Neeta, but Myra is furious when Sally suggests a way for them to pay tribute to her.

Monday, November 13

Ryan is struggling to decide where his feelings lie, while Leela takes her frustration out on the wrong person. Glenn plans to sabotage Courtney and Jesse's arrangement.

Tuesday, November 14

James is suspicious of Ryan's behaviour, while Grace uses Sami to make Glenn jealous. Jesse prepares for a date with Lisa, and Brody is tricked into getting naked in the hot tub.

Wednesday, November 15

Ryan and Tegan make a public announcement, while Zack is shocked by Harry's strange demeanour. Grannie Campbell turns up in the village, and Grace is frustrated by Glenn's behaviour.

Thursday, November 16

Tegan is concerned about Grannie Campbell being back and spills too much information to Jesse. Sienna refuses to get her test results, and Louis is struggling to cope as a single dad.

Friday, November 17

Louis turns to Leela for help, and Joel gets a shock. Courtney seeks support from Tegan, while Milo encourages Mandy to start dating again.

Monday, November 06

Kim and Farrah make a discovery, while Cleo comes up with a plan. Milo is aiming to sabotage Dirk's happiness, and Tony's one chance is ruined.

Tuesday, November 07

Cleo bumps into Joel at the garage and panics him with what she knows. Meanwhile, Milo's place at the Cunninghams' is in jeopardy, and Diane tries her best to help Tony.

Wednesday, November 08

Milo is causing big problems for Dirk, and Ellie gets the wrong end of the stick with Brody and Damon.

Thursday, November 09

Holly has a decision to make that could ruin Cindy and Dirk's relationship, while Ellie has managed to give herself and Damon food poisoning. Leah decides that Ryan and Ste need to make friends and comes up with an idea.

Friday, November 10

Milo panics that his plan has got out of hand, while Tegan and Leah's scheme to get Ryan and Ste to be civil is successful.

Monday, October 30

Frankie faces a big decision while Mac's fury escalates towards Neeta at the school, with explosive consequences. Lily and Peri threaten Yasmine and just as Darren catches Luke about to turn to drink, the school explodes.

Tuesday, October 31

Everyone is fighting to escape the devastation in the aftermath of the explosion. Darren, Luke and the teens are trapped, while the power is in Neeta's hands with Mac. Frankie is unaware of the situation.

Wednesday, November 01

It's touch and go for the Osbornes, while Frankie is still oblivious to the explosion and the danger her family is in. The Maaliks are devastated by recent news.

Thursday, November 02

The Osbornes are reeling, while Warren returns to the cottage to see Sienna but she manages to escape; will he track her down before she finds help?

Friday, November 03

There's panic when Sienna goes into labour, will she get the help she needs? And the Osbornes pull together to fix their broken family.

Monday, October 23

Glenn hosts Courtney's baby shower but it descends into chaos. Milo tries to sabotage Dirk and Cindy's relationship, while Diane plans to get Luke and Mandy back together.

Tuesday, October 24

Glenn offers to give Darcy a lift, with an ulterior motive. Sami and Misbah clash over his father, while Tegan starts playing Cupid.

Wednesday, October 25

Adam panics when Darcy is nowhere to be found. Mac is unhappy about Neeta and Brody's blossoming friendship. Luke plans to win back Mandy, while Imran makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday, October 26

Neeta tries to hide the truth of her turbulent relationship, while Frankie is shocked when a blast from the past makes her rethink her future.

Friday, October 27

Mandy sabotages Luke's chances of being successful, while Yasmine finds the courage to stand up to Peri and Lily.

Monday, 16 October

Glenn and Grace are alarmed by recent findings, while Mandy gets a loan to help Tony. Yasmine and Peri are jealous over Lily's idea for the journalism competition.

Tuesday, October 17

Diane is furious when she discovers Tony's lies, while Peri and Yasmine are shocked by what they find out about Lily. Leela is paranoid about Daniel, and Zack loses out on a massive opportunity.

Wednesday, October 18

This special episode concentrates on a day in the life of teens Peri, Yasmine and Lily, alongside their guardians Leela, Misbah and Diane.

Thursday, October 19

Zack tries to help Leela, who is struggling to cope. Tony worries about Harry's whereabouts, while Cindy is caught red-handed and Lily cancels on Prince.

Friday, October 20

Milo is furious about Cindy's trouble and is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Glenn helps Jesse in his time of need.

Monday, October 09

Tony is devastated by some news, while Mac shows Damon and Brody who's boss. Meanwhile, an old face returns and Cleo opens up.

Tuesday, October 10

This episode focuses on Tony's journey as he struggles to come to terms with recent news.

Wednesday, October 11

Frankie is left looking the worse for wear and Tony wants to buy back Nightingales. Meanwhile, Glenn comes to Sienna's rescue.

Thursday, October 12

Myra is suspicious when Cleo and Joel decide to bring their trip to Tanzania forward.

Friday, October 13

Tony joins Damon, Brody and Mac for a poker game, while Lily goes up against Yasmine and Peri in a journalism competition to win an internship.


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