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Monday, February 22

It's Holly and Jason's wedding and Holly is forced to decide between the two brothers. Lindsey's lies are closing in on her when Joe makes a discovery. Diane is furious about Scott's secret scheming, but is that all he's hiding?

Tuesday, February 23

Alfie is determined to resurrect the laptop, not knowing the secrets that are buried within. A shock revelation brings devastation to newlyweds Jason and Holly. Can Scott save the day when Tony comes clean to Diane?

Wednesday, February 24

A memory is triggered for Freddie - is the game up for Lindsey? Will a terrified Alfie be able to face his fears at the charity abseil? And Peri is furious when Cameron plays the strict father.

Thursday, February 25

Lindsey prepares a syringe to silence Freddie. Cameron and Peri get into a confrontation, while Alfie and Jade are swept up in the moment.

Friday, February 26

Cameron attempts to win back Peri's affections, but does he risk losing her for good? There's trouble in store as Alfie and Jade's romance blossoms, while Jack receives a mysterious delivery.

Monday, February 15

Grace is on the warpath and will stop at nothing until she gets revenge. There's conflict between Simone and Louis when Simone's lies are exposed. Theresa is mortified when she finds Zack in bed with an unlikely villager.

Tuesday, February 16

Reenie is suspicious when she finds out Pete's been talking to the police. With her plan to destroy Mac well under way, Marnie sets her sights on The Hutch. Zack is red-faced about his night of passion, but will Theresa keep his conquest secret?

Wednesday, February 17

With Cleo in a bind over Pete, she lands herself in turmoil with Tony, while Zack is honest about his feelings. Devious duo Marnie and James seize an opportunity to progress their plan, but will it backfire?

Thursday, February 18

When Holly and Jason's wedding hits crisis point, it's up to Cindy to save the day. Marnie and James discover the key to bringing down The Hutch. Tony takes pity on Cleo, which leads to an ill-judged decision.

Friday, February 19

When Robbie hires a stripper for Jason's stag do, Holly's jealousy soars - but for which brother? Dirk comes to the rescue at The Dog and discovers a laptop in the river - what secrets will it hold? Pete is attacked by a hooded figure - is he the latest victim of the gloved killer?

Monday, February 08

Jason causes chaos when he thinks he's caught Holly cheating on him. Tegan is spooked by a visitor at the hospital, while Lindsey is at fever pitch when she gets a call from beyond the grave.

Tuesday, February 09

Kim is scared when she hears Lindsey's next scheme, while Robbie, Jason and Joe feel as though they've seen a ghost. Trevor struggles with the thoughts in his head until an unlikely villager makes a surprising suggestion.

Wednesday, February 10

Trevor confronts Darren, but there are crossed wires when Darren gets defensive about Grace. Nico is unprepared for her book report so Alfie comes up with a plan, but will they get away with it? Ellie has feelings for a villager, but does he feel the same way?

Thursday, February 11

John Paul is forced to choose between his heart and his head, while Ellie sets her sights on her man. Simone must make a choice between work and family - what will she decide?

Friday, February 12

Ben and Trevor go head-to-head in The Loft in a dramatic showdown. Joanne has a cunning plan to snare Louis away from his wife, while Cleo asks for a job at The Hutch.

Monday, February 01

Simone gives Louis the silent treatment after recent shocking accusations, while Jade's bravado crumbles behind closed doors. Mac can't believe his eyes when Cindy teams up with two of his arch-rivals in a bid to ruin him.

Tuesday, February 02

Tony extends a peace offering to Harry, but is it too little, too late? Maxine is stunned when Mrs St Claire summons her, Nancy and Sienna to the school. Mac is feeling the pressure when someone threatens to play dirty.

Wednesday, February 03

Lindsey comes face to face with the gloved killer witness, while Alfie struggles to come to terms with recent alarming revelations. Darren and Nancy break bad news to Charlie, but are shocked to discover he has a dark secret of his own.

Thursday, February 04

Celine encourages Tegan to take part in the new hospital poster campaign, while a familiar face returns to The Dog. Lindsey takes drastic measures to ensure she's out of the frame for the gloved murders by eyeing up her next victim.

Friday, February 05

Trevor is angry that he's back in trouble with the law, while Lindsey sees an opportunity that's too good to miss. Celine, Kim and Tegan are stunned when the new face of the hospital billboard campaign is revealed.

Monday, January 25

Will Grace find Trevor in time or will it be too late? Ellie decides to have some fun when she overhears Myra's secret. Nancy puts her foot in it when it comes to matters of the heart. Alfie means well when he tries to comfort Jade, but has he given her false hope?

Tuesday, January 26

It's Jade's 16th birthday and the party promises to go off with a bang, but first she awaits some potentially life-changing news with the Osbornes.

Wednesday, January 27

Ellie's mischief spirals out of control when it threatens to destroy two relationships. Nancy's suspicions rise about Darren - what is he hiding? DS Thorpe informs Sienna, Nico and Maxine that he has fresh news on Patrick's disappearance. What finally happens when two villagers are unable to resist one another?

Thursday, January 28

Cindy attempts to turn her back on James, but maybe she needs him more than she realises. It's Patrick's memorial and Maxine is frightened when she thinks she hears a familiar voice from the past. Louis's heart sinks when Joanne has news for Simone.

Friday, January 29

Maxine is still spooked as she continues to be tormented by strange occurrences, while Nancy goes all out to get Darren's attention again but something jolts her confidence. Joanne feels rejected by Louis and plots her revenge - will she reveal their affair?

Monday, January 18

A desperate Lindsey sets about a new scheme to sabotage Mercedes and Joe's relationship. When Peri locks horns with Mrs St Claire, her revenge plan takes a wicked turn. As Cameron keeps Lockie captive, Tegan's suspicions grow.

Tuesday, January 19

Louis fears that Mrs St Claire's anger will force her to do something drastic. Grace tries to prove herself to Esther but can she compete with Trevor? Lindsey resorts to desperate measures to keep Joe close.

Wednesday, January 20

As Lindsey's scheme to reel Joe in starts to work, Mercedes becomes suspicious. John Paul's effort to assist Mrs St Claire backfires with violent results. Esther finds a clue that could get Trevor released - but will she and Ben let their personal feelings get in the way of justice?

Thursday, January 21

Ben's misconduct puts his job on the line and the community is in suspense when the case against Trevor takes an unexpected turn. Joe determines to do the right thing by Lindsey - but how will it affect his relationship with Mercedes? Mrs St Claire returns in triumph, while Rachel's impatience with Nathan causes a rift.

Friday, January 22

Esther and Grace are shocked by the latest development in Trevor's case. When Ben's anger over Trevor leads to violence, Sienna begs him not to let his obsession destroy the family. With DS Thorpe on her trail, Lindsey plays a clever game. John Paul and Mrs St Claire strike up an unlikely friendship - but has she got a hidden agenda?

Monday, January 11

Darren is at breaking point when Ben becomes suspicious of his story - will Darren come clean? Troubled Cleo discovers the past is not going to be easy to overcome. Cindy is in pieces when Dirk and Holly turn their back on her.

Tuesday, January 12

A new face descends on the village and promises a lifeline to Cindy. Alfie feels rejected when Tony wants to keep his secret buried. Harry is furious when he discovers the reason behind Cleo's unusual behaviour.

Wednesday, January 13

Love is in the air at the Lomaxes' until one villager returns unannounced. When Holly and Robbie take their affair to the next level, they put themselves in danger of the law. Manipulative Pete uses dirty tactics to get himself back in the good books.

Thursday, January 14

Things get steamy between Cameron and Leela until someone pours cold water on their passionate moment. Cindy and Ellie lock horns over Mac's past, while the game looks like it's up for Holly - will she reveal all to Jason?

Friday, January 15

It's The Dog's Mr and Mrs Contest and Cameron is feeling the pressure to prove himself, while Pete is hell-bent on keeping Cleo in the palm of his hand. While his relationship with Harry crumbles, Tony points the blame at Ste and their rift grows deeper.

Monday, January 04

Patrick lays the final foundations of his master plan. Joe has second thoughts when he realises his heart remains with someone else. Darren attempts to sweep a lucky lady off her feet, but how long will his charm offensive last?

Tuesday, January 05

On the day of Maxine and Patrick's ceremony, will Maxine be able to keep her promise? Nico makes a dramatic discovery, and a romantic declaration in The Dog has hilarious consequences.

Wednesday, January 06

With Patrick casting a dark shadow over the family, Maxine finds herself close to the edge. Nancy is left heartbroken when she spots a meeting between two ex-lovers. Sienna rushes to save Nico - is the game up?

Thursday, January 07

Darren and Maxine find themselves in over their heads as their lies spiral out of control. Things don't quite go to plan for Tony when he takes on Alfie at The Hutch. Is Ellie onto Cindy's secret?

Friday, January 08

As Neeta and Mac prepare to take their vows, frantic Cindy knows her secret is a ticking time bomb. Harry and Myra join forces to get Cleo back on track, and Tony discovers something that knocks him sideways.

Tuesday, December 29

Lisa and Zack are forced to spend time together but will it heal their fractured relationship? Determined to find answers about his real parents, Alfie makes a surprising breakthrough. Patrick asks for one final favour from Maxine - will she agree to his request?

Wednesday, December 30

After his overwhelming discovery, Alfie sets in motion a plan to uncover the truth. A furious Sienna locks horns with the McQueen girls when talk turns to Patrick. Lindsey sees red after overhearing a hushed conversation.

Thursday, December 31

It's Tom's 16th birthday and, while Esther is desperate to admit her feelings to her crush, Darren fears for a loved one's well-being when he finds some leaflets from the hospital. Kim is determined to stop Lindsey from striking again, but is it too little, too late? Ellie celebrates the New Year with a brooding stranger. Meanwhile, Lindsey finally gets her man - but when he's snatched from her again, she wants revenge.

Friday, January 01

No episode today

Monday, December 21

When Reenie receives an unexpected letter she is forced to face secrets from the past. Tegan is heartbroken when someone close to her is rushed to hospital. Celine's festive cheer quickly evaporates when a good turn backfires horrendously.

Tuesday, December 22

Lisa burns with jealousy over Theresa and Zack - will she reveal her true feelings? When Porsche follows her gut instinct she is floored by what she finds. John Paul reflects on his and Ste's pact to meet on Christmas Day - is he heading for a fall?

Wednesday, December 23

It's an explosive night for the Lomax family as Cameron will let nothing stop him from being part of Peri's life. Lockie fears for Porsche as she struggles to come to terms with her heart-breaking discovery. Lisa braces herself to come clean - will her affections be returned?

Christmas Eve

Ste is forced to choose between John Paul and Harry one final time. Reenie and Porsche prepare to say goodbye to Hollyoaks. Lisa's lies spiral out of control - can she keep her secret safe? Tegan has a decision to make - will she have a merry Christmas?

Christmas Day

No episode today

Monday, December 14

Reenie and Porsche encourage Cleo to do the right thing, but will she crumble under the pressure? After falling out with Mercedes, will a vulnerable Joe succumb to Lindsey's charms? Nancy is brimming with jealousy over Darren and Grace's blossoming friendship.

Tuesday, December 15

Louis is frantic when he receives a card from Joanne - is his marriage under threat? Lindsey is furious as Mercedes and Joe grow closer. Nancy is overcome with emotion when she's honest about her feelings - but does her true love feel the same?

Wednesday, December 16

Ste and Tony lock horns, but will Tony offer his friend the support he needs? Louis tries to cover Joanne's tracks, but is this the last he has seen of her? Lindsey's lies are unravelling fast when Kim makes an unlikely comeback, shocking the grieving Roscoes.

Thursday, December 17

Tony and Ste build bridges, but will Ste be able to resist temptation? Celine makes a romantic blunder when she gets the wrong end of the stick over Cameron's affections. Dirk confronts Louis about what he saw - is his secret about to be exposed?

Friday, December 18

Scheming Lindsey will stop at nothing to sabotage Mercedes and Joe's relationship. Tony and Tegan join forces to help Ste when he needs it most. Cameron plans a special Christmas surprise - but will it all backfire?

Monday, December 07

When Nico's rage spirals out of control, it's Sienna who bears the brunt of her fury. John Paul reluctantly tries to put his relationship with Ste behind him one last time. Holly suspects that Robbie has acted out of jealousy - but could she be wrong?

Tuesday, December 08

Ste drunkenly makes a public declaration of his love for Harry, and Ellie creates a dangerous new enemy in the form of Myra McQueen. Meanwhile, is Diego all that he seems?

Wednesday, December 09

With Jason in the palm of his hand, Patrick cranks up his scheme to frame Maxine. Myra's suspicions over her new toy-boy grow after she overhears a hushed conversation. Pete asks for one last favour from Cleo, but will she obey his instructions?

Thursday, December 10

It's the Christmas bar crawl and Ellie is hell-bent on sabotaging Rachel's relationship with her brother. When Harry finally exposes Cleo's secret, Reenie and Celine are determined to find her quickly. Maxine has a surprise announcement for Patrick.

Friday, December 11

Mercedes and Joe return to Hollyoaks village with a bang, Nancy makes a painful sacrifice for Darren, and a shocking discovery causes Cleo's blood to run cold.

Monday, November 30

Louis tries to shake off an unwanted visitor, but soon discovers they won't go without a fight. Leela makes it her mission to unearth the truth about Tegan and Ziggy. Nico burns with jealousy at the sight of Jason and Holly - has Holly just made a dangerous new enemy?

Tuesday, December 01

Leela is like a raging bull at the Lomaxes' after the previous night's revelations. Cameron is determined to prove his love to Celine, but will a secret admirer come between them? John Paul discovers the secret that Mrs St Claire was trying so hard to keep buried.

Wednesday, December 02

Alfie finds himself embroiled in a twisted love triangle after a romantic gesture goes wrong. When Tegan decides to go after her man, she gets a nasty surprise that breaks her heart. Mrs St Claire feels betrayed when she suspects her confidant has exposed her secret.

Thursday, December 03

As her torment continues, Holly seeks comfort with a forbidden friend. The Lomaxes are devastated that there's still no word from the missing family members. When Patrick discovers Jason's curiosity is piqued, he takes his sinister scheme to the next level.

Friday, December 04

Patrick's blood runs cold when something threatens to throw his masterplan off course. Robbie decides it's time for the truth to come out. Harry's jealous when he sees Ste and John Paul getting close again.

Monday, November 23

A panic-stricken Mac will stop at nothing to hide his dark secret, but how will Nathan react when he discovers the truth about his dad? Cindy puts herself in danger when she uncovers a significant clue about the Gloved Hand's identity. Meanwhile, Theresa questions Lisa about 'Sonia'...

Tuesday, November 24

It's the night of the Single Mingle and sparks fly between Grace and Darren. Lindsey takes matters into her own hands - can she contain Cindy in time? Simone feels the wrath of Theresa, who sets out to sabotage the Lovedays' big day.

Wednesday, November 25

Dirk struggles with a delicate dilemma, but what does this mean for Cindy? The Lovedays receive a poison pen letter about their past, leaving them spooked. Nancy is ready to be truthful to the love of her life, but has he got his eye on someone else?

Thursday, November 26

After a heated argument, Mac finds Alfie collapsed upstairs. Louis worries that buried secrets are about to be unearthed. Nancy and Grace lock horns over a shared love interest - but who will come out on top?

Friday, November 27

Theresa feels guilty about harbouring someone else's secret from Zack. Alfie is adamant it's bad news when he has tests at the hospital. Esther struggles to deal with her growing feelings for Grace, and Ziggy boils with jealousy when Tegan returns to the village - has he lost her for ever?

Monday, November 16

As Cleo struggles to come to terms with news about Reenie, she makes a shocking discovery that threatens to halt the wedding. The Nightingales have no idea what they've let themselves in for when they go head to head with the McQueens. There's a new face in the village, searching for his mystery love. Myra returns just in time to help a heartbroken Mercedes - will she be honest with Joe?

Tuesday, November 17

Cleo is at breaking point on the day of Reenie and Pete's wedding - how much longer can she stay silent? Desperate to keep her two husbands apart, Cindy turns to an unlikely villager for help. Jade worries she may be rejected by the Osbornes after an altercation.

Wednesday, November 18

The McQueens are broken when secrets from the past bubble to the surface - who do they believe? A traumatised Celine collapses, and Jade begs Lisa to help her stay in Hollyoaks - but are her hands tied?

Thursday, November 19

Porsche makes the decision to save her family but she can't do it alone. When Cindy realises her time is running out, she makes a decision that will change her life. It's a race against time as Jade reaches out to a familiar face, unknowingly putting herself in grave danger.

Friday, November 20

Mac sets a date to marry Neeta but someone will stop at nothing to make sure the wedding doesn't go ahead. The McQueens learn of a shock departure, while Cleo finds her loyalties divided. Lisa comes close to betraying her true identity - can she keep up the lie?

Monday, November 09

A murderous Lindsey conjures up a wicked scheme to cover her tracks. When Theresa puts her safety in danger for cash, Lisa begs her to think again. John Paul's career hangs in the balance - will Harry come clean before it's too late?

Tuesday, November 10

Holly is forced to think fast when her and Robbie's forbidden affair is on the verge of being exposed. Lisa's plan backfires as she puts herself in the firing line for a friend. Grace is on a mission - but where do her loyalties lie?

Wednesday, November 11

Ste reveals the latest news about his HIV to John Paul, and Robbie puts his heart on the line when he pushes Holly for answers. Meanwhile, has the Gloved Hand stumbled upon their next victim?

Thursday, November 12

It's Harry's 18th birthday party in The Loft and Ste knows that all eyes are on him. Is Ben hot on the heels of the Gloved Hand? Jason panics when secrets about Phoebe's shooting look set to be unearthed.

Friday, November 13

Cleo pushes Pete to come clean to her mum as their wedding looms, and Joe sets his sights on getting his woman once and for all.

Monday, November 02

An incensed Sienna sets out to prove that Maxine is taking her dad for a fool. Nico and new arrival Alfie hit it off instantly, while Nancy is furious when Darren lets his family down at the moment they need him the most.

Tuesday, November 03

During a heated row, Mercedes floors Joe with a spiteful lie, but has she gone too far? Alfie attempts to impress Nico but his plans go dangerously wrong. Sienna is stunned when Patrick lets her in on a dark secret.

Wednesday, November 04

New arrivals the Nightingales have a few tricks up their sleeve, while Alfie gets a lovely surprise. John Paul and Mercedes decide to get answers on a delicate situation.

Thurdsay, November 05

Lisa is shattered when she walks in on her crush getting flirty with Theresa. Mercedes finds an unlikely ally. Maxine is adamant she will stand by Patrick whatever the cost.

Friday, November 06

Theresa is in turmoil when an intimate snap gets posted online, but is this just the beginning of her troubles? Ben has a fight on his hands when more villagers hear that there might be a killer among them.

Monday, October 26

The Roscoe family are broken from the aftermath of Hollyoaks Pride. Meanwhile, Jack hands over the keys to The Dog. Lockie desperately asks Leela for a favour for Cameron - but will she help?

Tuesday, October 27

When an unwelcome visitor descends on the village, it looks like Ellie's plans are scuppered. Tegan and Ste get a nasty surprise when they turn up for Cameron's sentencing. And Scott's blood boils when he gets on the wrong side of Tony.

Wednesday, October 29

Ellie's scheming threatens to rip her family apart when Rachel catches her red-handed. Scott opens up to Diane about his heart-breaking past. Meanwhile, Tegan realises it's make or break for her and Ziggy - will the pair finally get together?

Thursday, October 29

Patrick snaps when he and his new school replacement lock horns. Elsewhere, Peri gives Tom a life-changing ultimatum and Cameron sets his sights on the woman he truly loves.

Friday, October 30

Maxine starts a riot when she feels someone has been treated unjustly. And Pete takes his manipulation to the next level when he buys Jade a devious present.

Monday, October 19

Tony declares 'Hollyoaks Pride' open with a fanfare of fireworks. Joe rumbles a forbidden plan when he overhears a hushed conversation. Trevor prepares for a fresh start.

Tuesday, October 20

Trevor is out for blood when he discovers a wicked betrayal. Mercedes is torn over a difficult dilemma. Elsewhere, someone is closing in on the gloved killer.

Wednesday, October 21

There's no escape for three Hollyoaks villagers as they realise their lives are in danger. Ben comes up with a cunning plan to snare Trevor. Will Diane and Tony get their fairytale ending?

Thursday, October 22

Grace begs Esther for one more chance to be a mum. Darren is suspicious about Jack's behaviour, but nothing prepares him for the truth when revealed.

Friday, October 23

The Osbornes are furious with Jack's decision meanwhile a new family arrive in Hollyoaks. Grace panics when an old friend tracks her down - is her secret about to be revealed?

Monday, October 12

Kim reels when her plans backfire. Cleo's jealousy takes over when she makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Sienna and Nico look set to land themselves in trouble.

Tuesday, October 13

Pete is worried that his sinister secret looks set to be exposed. Ste and Harry's relationship suffers when Tony begins to meddle. Robbie begs a familiar face to come back to the village. Meanwhile, Kim plays her ace card to get what she wants.

Wednesday, October 14

Lindsey is devastated in the wake of her discovery -will she uncover the truth? Trevor takes drastic measures to get his old life back. Harry treats Ste to a naked surprise, but it backfires when someone unexpected turns up.

Thursday, October 15

A dangerous criminal is back in Hollyoaks and baying for blood. Nancy faces a dilemma that could put someone's career on the line. Meanwhile, Freddie is set on revenge.

Friday, October 16

Jason's jealousy puts his brother in grave danger. Ashley sets her sights on her next victim and is determined to get what she wants. Mercedes has a life-changing decision to make.

Monday, October 05

The gloved hand killer sets sight on the next victim. Meanwhile Patrick struggles to come to terms with his illness. As Zack's approaches his 18th birthday he's shocked that the woman of his dreams hands over her number, but is something amiss?

Tuesday, October 06

Peri takes drastic measures to get what she wants, but will her plan work? Louis feels he may have pushed the demon headmaster too far this time. Dr S'Avage comes up with a cunning plan to stop the gloved hand killer.

Wednesday, October 07

Peri makes a panicked decision that stuns Jack, Tom and Nancy, while Patrick finds an unlikely friend who helps him take control of his feelings.

Thursday, October 08

Its Zack's 18th birthday and Lisa fears that Jade will blow her cover. Reenie and Pete con Jack, while Carly's funeral sparks off a destructive spiral for Nico.

Friday, October 09

Frantic Nico realises her sinister plan has backfired horribly, but is it too late to rectify things? Lisa panics when Jade works out her secret crush. Theresa causes chaos when she blames someone else for her crime.

Monday, September 28

Panic-stricken Leela begs a fellow villager to keep her secret. Robbie and Jason's dangerous rivalry reaches fever pitch, while Diane is petrified that someone is out to get her.

Tuesday, September 29

Dr S'Avage has some disturbing news for Diane. Ste goes to great lengths to keep his secret. Ziggy is in trouble when he accidentally goes to a gay bar with Tony, while Holly is at breaking point.

Wednesday, September 30

Tony's shock decision means that Harry's time in Hollyoaks looks like it's coming to an end. Tegan feels more alone than ever when Ziggy uncovers her betrayal. Leela is in danger when she is accused of a crime she didn't commit.

Thursday, October 01

Cindy makes a startling discovery. Tegan sees that Celine can't let go of the past, while Holly continues to make bad decisions with devastating consequences.

Friday, October 02

Dr S'Avage is forced to face the truth when his darkest suspicions are confirmed. Dirk takes matters into his own hands with Trevor. Peri is desperately struggling in her new role.