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Monday, August 04

As the Lomaxes reveal their intentions, can Leela persuade her family to change their minds? Cameron is desperate for Peri to know the truth. Sinead reveals a life-changing dilemma, while Lindsey attempts to rekindle an old relationship.

Tuesday, August 05

Lindsey continues to fool a loved one, or does she? Cindy and Dirk are elated to welcome baby Hilton home, while Sinead is less than impressed with her date.

Wednesday, August 06

Cameron is on hand to comfort Leela, but will Ziggy stand by and let him steal his girl? Ste puts himself in serious danger, but will Leela and John Paul reach him in time?

Thursday, August 07

Cindy is on the war path, and Dirk feels the full brunt of her anger. Crossed wires lead to a stunned Sinead having to break terrible news to Tony. John Paul worries about Ste, while Trevor makes a heartfelt confession.

Friday, August 08

Will Cindy turn to serious crime to achieve her happy ending? Holly becomes increasingly concerned about her mum's behaviour, but is it time to come clean and reveal the truth to Dirk? Trevor is stunned to receive a threat from a shock visitor, and could Leela be falling for Cameron?

Monday, July 28

Holly grows more concerned about her missing mum, but is Cindy safe? Will Mercedes reveal the truth about last night? And will Patrick learn of Maxine's plan to escape?

Tuesday, July 29

Despite the challenges Maxine faces, will she manage to escape Patrick's grasp or be tied to him forever? And will Mercedes make the right choice?

Wednesday, July 30

Is Patrick able to convince a loved one that he's a changed man? Can Blessing and Dennis stop their friend from making a dreadful mistake? Freddie has an exciting business proposition for Mercedes but can he persuade her to go for it?

Thursday, July 31

Mercedes and Freddie relish in their new position of power, while Grace reveals the real reason for her wounds to a furious Trevor. Will Nancy's secret be unveiled?

Friday, August 01

Lindsey struggles to hide her emotions from a bemused Mercedes and Freddie, while Ziggy's big dreams leave Leela gobsmacked.

Monday, July 21

The Roscoes are rocked by a new development, while Sinead continues her illicit relationship. Will Leela and Ziggy take their relationship to the next level? Sam gets the shock of her life, and is Dennis ashamed of Blessing?

Tuesday, July 22

A ghost from Sam's past seeks the ultimate revenge. Are Sinead and Tony about to be found out? Blessing and George grow suspicious of Dennis's secretive behaviour.

Wednesday, July 23

Lindsey is conflicted, and Leela is the victim of an attack - will she be OK? Has Maxine finally been presented with her chance to leave Patrick? Cindy and 'Rhys' prepare to leave the village together.

Thursday, July 24

With pressure mounting, will Cindy confess her secret? Blessing is desperate to make up for her blunder, and Mercedes recruits Phoebe to help get to the bottom of Cindy's behaviour.

Friday, July 25

With pressure mounting, will Cindy confess her secret? Blessing is desperate to make up for her blunder, and Mercedes recruits Phoebe to help get to the bottom of Cindy's behaviour.

Monday, July 14

Can Grace convince Trevor to give their relationship another shot? Mercedes concocts a manipulative plan. Is the net closing in on Fraser's killer? And John Paul is nervous about going on his first real date since his attack.

Tuesday, July 15

An argument with Patrick leads to a painful conclusion for Maxine. The police make an arrest in connection with Fraser's murder. Lindsey makes a shock announcement and Ste begs for forgiveness.

Wednesday, July 16

Will Ste take matters into his own hands? Patrick is furious to wake up alone; where is Maxine? Mercedes is uncompromising, while Grace is devastated by Trevor's actions.

Thursday, July 17

Joe makes a brave admission to Freddie. Mercedes is astounded by Lindsey's secret. Maxine makes a bold decision, while Sinead decides she's had enough.

Friday, July 18

Freddie is given an ultimatum. Can Grace forgive Trevor for his betrayal? Sinead's feelings for her forbidden lover grow stronger.

Monday, July 07

Sienna is desperate for answers. When Nana McQueen plays match-matcher, will her efforts be in vain? Sinead ups her game, leaving Tony astounded.

Tuesday, July 08

Sienna proves she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure she stays out of prison while Sinead turns up the heat with Tony. And things are on the up for John Pauls' love life.

Wednesday, July 09

Nancy is forced into a corner, and John Paul and Danny attempt to support Ste. Will Sinead regret her heartless revenge on Diane?

Thursday, July 10

The net closes in on Frasers' murderer, while Sienna continues her search for Nico. Intent on getting her house back, Nana goes to extremes. Elsewhere, Peri goes missing.

Friday, July 11

Sam is hot on the trail of Frasers' murderer. Will Sandy leave the village forever? Will Nana win back the McQueens' home? And is there more to Patrick's generosity than meets the eye?