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Monday, June 04

A social worker visits the Maaliks after allegations of abuse, while Milo is trying to get Cindy and Dirk back together. Prince has a plan to get some extra cash, but Lily won't approve. Peri is busy planning a party for Harley.

Tuesday, June 05

It's Harley's birthday party, but Nico has been watching Peri and Harley's relationship from afar and clearly has a plan. Yazz and Tom are increasingly worried about Alfie, while Hunter gets into a state. Dirk is shocked by a new arrival.

Wednesday, June 06

The new villager is searching for somewhere to stay, but it's not looking promising. Tom confides in Marnie about Alfie, but when Alfie overhears the conversation, he gets the wrong end of the stick.

Thursday, June 07

This special mental health episode focuses on Alfie, who has barricaded himself in at the Cunninghams' house surrounded by papers and calculations. He is manic, but everyone knows he's unwell.

Friday, June 08

Ste is furious that Harry isn't putting any effort into their new business. Harry manages to gather some money and tells Ste it's from his club promotion job, but all is not as it seems.

Monday, May 28

Leah has sold a story to a gossip magazine and Ste is furious - how will she worm her way out of this one? An old face turns up in the village making financial demands. Ollie confides in Buster, while Sami is pushing Kyle to keep going with their revenge plan on James.

Tuesday, May 29

Kyle is becoming wary of the revenge plan, while Harry thinks he's helping Ste out with a problem, but could he be making it worse? Marnie is trying to show off her newly decorated apartment and Imran is devastated when Misbah breaks a promise.

Wednesday, May 30

Imran lies to spite his mum letting him down, and ruins a piece of work she helped Yazz with. Marnie's dinner party doesn't quite go to plan when she ends up on the sofa drinking wine with Myra the hired help.

Thursday, May 31

Misbah tries to mend another problem in Imran's life but ends up making it worse, while Peri is organising a birthday party for Harley and decides to invite one of her relatives without letting Harley know.

Friday, June 01

Prince and Lily accidentally break their TV but Prince proudly tells Lily he has the money to buy a new one. He buys a knockoff TV from a dodgy contact of Goldie and Myra's but will he tell Lily the truth?

Monday, May 21

Glenn knows there's another grass in the village and he is suspicious of one unlucky person. Meanwhile, Tom tells Yazz some false information that could leave her heartbroken.

Tuesday, May 22

Adam is trying to warn Maxine about Glenn, but Glenn is getting in the way. Meanwhile, Yazz attempts to offer Alfie support, but the voice in Alfie's head encourages him to decline.

Wednesday, May 23

Darren, Mandy, Luke and Nancy make plans for a party at The Hutch. The couples all seem happy, and Mandy and Darren talk about just being friends and nothing more, but will they be able to resist temptation?

Thursday, May 24

Darren and Mandy meet at the Osbornes' alone - is this a recipe for disaster? Maxine is on a mission, while Tony and Diane continue to argue over Dee Dee's treatment.

Friday, May 25

Scott is with Dee Dee as Tony and Diane wait for news. Tony tries to make a milkshake for Dee Dee, but ends up electrocuting himself in the process and cutting the electrics in The Hutch.

Monday, May 14

Cleo and Joel's relationship has already hit a bump, but could a conversation with James help Joel resolve things? Dirk is caught in a trap set up by Milo, Damon is trying to win Holly back, and somebody continues to watch Sienna.

Tuesday,  May 15

Zack overhears some sensitive business information from Glenn and Adam - could he reveal their real job titles? Sienna is panicking as the clock counts down and later receives a knock at the door.

Wednesday, May 16

Everybody is in high spirits at The Dog. Goldie and Myra have decided to give up alcohol, but is all as it seems? Sienna is mentioned in conversation, but Cleo is not pleased.

Thursday, May 17

Glenn and Adam know Zack has some information on them and come up with a plan to stop him breathing a word, but is it enough or could it be too late? And Tom is concerned about Alfie's behaviour when he makes a grand gesture.

Friday May 18

Glenn is giving Grace a hard time, telling her to pull herself together. He continues to put her down, but it's one step too far when Grace is reduced to tears. Could this be enough for Grace to call it a day?




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